Lego Pieces Together a New Frontier in Hollywood

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Felix Gillette explores Lego’s move into Hollywood and the merchandising boom that goes along with it on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Bootleg youtube lego videos for the last six years.

Is that how this movie came to pass?

This is a culmination of 15 years of dabbling in hollywood.

There is a celebrity universe.

They did not have names or back stories.

In 1999, they did a deal to make star wars lego and they realized it was such a hit that they could team up once or twice a year and do legos based on television shows.

It is dabbling and making entertainment.

It is a $65 billion blockbuster.

To what degree is this just a brand unto itself.

There are 17 goal lines coming out with this movie.

-- there are 17 new lego lines coming out with this movie.

What they did was partner up with warner bros.

And got a lot of control over this movie.

They wanted to reflect the values of legos and not to just the a advertisement -- the advertisement for the company.

They do not need to spend a lot of money.

Look at me.

I know i am going.

Is this just a cash register?

Not even my husband.

Just so low.

It seems like a total no-brainer.

The hardest part was getting lego to use their names.

When warner bros.

Approached them, i was looking at the financials.

They are a private company.

They are crushing.

They are crushing.

Why not?

Greed is good.

Why have one when you can have three.

Legos compass group -- the legos customers are 512-year-old kids and you need teenagers.

Look at pixar.

They are springing.

Is a good song.

Tom was a professional musician at one point.

Able do not know that.

Are you a rock star?

You are a rockstar.

Always a rockstar.

Some of the humor is a little more edgy than lego wanted.

There was a lego mini figure to sing.

When they tested that, lego did not want that and they took it out.


Like a love scene?


They cut that.

What of the main characters is played by will arnett and is incredibly funny.

He is incredibly jerky.

It is dean's toward -- it is geared toward teenagers and adults.

They have incredible brand awareness in asia and other parts of the world.

What you know about the ways the refuse and profits are being distributed between warner and legos question mark basically, legos kept all of the licensing rights and license out the name.

The upside it flows to warner bros.. yeah.

A lot of it.

The romance of legos took a long time.

The producer of the movie went to lego and legoland.

He went to lego factory in the lego museum.

Everything, basically.

They want to lego competitions.

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