Legere: Why T-Mobile Is Offering a '7 Night Stand'

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US Inc., discusses the company's plans to offer free iPhone trials of its network, his thoughts on Amazon's new Fire Phone and T-Mobile's new "UnRadio" music service. He speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of wideband lt in 16 markets in the u.s. already, which gives you up to 150 megs of speed, that is a 90 minute hd video in three minutes, and in about 100 7 million people's locations in 15 markets.

But what we found was the 6 billion dollars in media spending that the industry is spending on maps, and a cacophony of crazy messages, makes it hard to come through.

What we found by listening to our customers is what they said to us is, hey, we love what you're doing, but we would love a chance to test drive.

We are offering a program where we are offering something called the seven night stand and it is the ability to get the iphone 5 s from apple fully loaded and have the experience for week free of charge, no down payment, no cost.

We believe that will change the way the industry purchases wildly.

What you're doing is quite impressive.

Why don't the other carriers do this?

Whether it is no contract or anytime upgrade or international data roaming, people have artificial barriers in their mind about why it was done the other way.

We talked to apple.

And by the way, this is great.

Apple, the awareness levels by customers that people will -- that t-mobile has the iphone is very low.

This is a chance not only to test drive our network, but test drive the apple iphone five s -- apple iphone 5 s. it begs the question why it was not this way, but tomorrow it will be to the other guy, why don't you do this?

Apple does not usually partner.

How did the partnership with apple come about?

Clicks one of the reasons that we are partnering is -- one of the reasons that we are partnering is it is a small update i provide to you.

T-mobile is the fastest-growing wireless company that exist.

Obviously, apple would like to find a way to be a higher percentage of our business and get the word out.

We have a very good strong and evolving partnership with them for the amazon just relieved its new smartphones.

At&t is the exclusive carrier.

You have not been shy or -- shy, as usual, about your thoughts.

You said, "amazon does not know what they signed up for." tell us what you really think.

I would love to come back and talk about music freedom, but the observations for me are, i was really excited.

I was expecting something big.

And i kind of saw an old business model, two-year contract, exclusive with at&t, a home -- a phone that was as high as any device in the market.

As a prime customer, i thought they would give me a phone, but they gave prime service to the other customers.

I did see that the phone will allow you to point at things and it will tell you what you are seeing.

For me, i usually know what i'm looking at, except late friday night.

And i'm not sure having my phone to me what i'm looking at is going to help.

I don't know.

By the way, if it is a great success, then i believe you will be able to buy it unlocked and t-mobile customers can have it.

The bigger question is uncarrier five and six.

Let's talk about that.

How much do you think this will entice customers to switch to t-mobile, or stay with t-mobile if they are thinking about switching?

Clicks here is what i know -- here is what i know.

About 113 million people stream music on their devices.

That is double in a year.

On the traffic on this network has gone up sixfold in the last couple of years.

It is a big deal.

Secondly, i know that the other carriers are just using this as an opportunity to gouge plans.

They tell the customers what service to use, and then they charge for every single minute of listening.

The pain point is, music freedom needs to be solved.

We are providing our customers free streaming, unlimited music in the top six or seven services, and then more to follow.

And we also work with rhapsody to create what is called un radio.

It is a gift to our unlimited customers who already get free streaming.

It will be a very big deal.

Unradio, un carrier, you are on a roll with the "un." what is next with the merger and you being in charge of a? last time we talked, it took you seven minutes to get to that question.

Today, i think you are down to about five.

You need a little improvement for the i'm running out of time.

But we are not going to comment on rumors or speculation.

I have been candid about the industry and the importance of this to the wireless consumer.

I think consolidation will continue this momentum.

T-mobile ceo do john legere never minces words, but after

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