T-Mobile's Legere: Mobile Users 'Getting Screwed'

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) –- In an exclusive interview, T-Mobile President & CEO John Legere discusses his rivalry with AT&T and his strategy for growth with Emily Chang at last night’s Macklemore Concert. (Source: Bloomberg)


Anybody that knows me knows i am a huge macklemore fan and i am going to be right in the front row, hopefully when he dives out and body surfs on top of me and i throw him back.

It will be a big night.

Favorite song?

White walls.

I've got a whole list.


Sure shot.

For sure.

I don't want to say anything, but it fits.

I am not going to take that personally.

Ok, so we are right down the street from at&t's offices.

I think three floors might be empty because times are tough over at the -- i am shocked.

Did you say i ran my mouth off?

On twitter.

It is a big day for us.

The mothership is a big competitor of ours and so far it is going pretty well for our customers.

Has randy reached out to you at all?

I do not think i am on the top five list, and frankly, i don't aspire to be.

I have no personal issues with at&t. i was going to ask that.

It has gotten a little dirtier lately.


Look at me.

Is this a price war or a long-term commitment?

It is not a price war for us.

If you are using consumers to drive your profitability -- i am very clear about what i am doing.

This is a profitable, growth business for us.

I can drive it profitably.

I stand by my commitments about growth and revenue.

What i can't tell you is what does this do to these guys.

That's their issue.

So, critics say you are pulling the price lever at everyone's expense, including your own.

Price is an issue relative to them.

And the issue is that customers have been getting screwed.

In november when i announced free international data roaming, i made it very clear.

It was a 90% gross margin.

I can't help it if somebody has artificially used a duopoly to drive artificial margins.

If the industry is being forced to react, that is not a price war, that is a healthy competition.

What more can you do?

How much lower can you go?

I am not going lower.

I am going higher.

We have made it clear that the only artificial declaration for us was the movement to 100% value plans.

We took away the artificial environment from the revenue stream.

Outside of that, we are growing.

We moved into mobile banking.

It is a real movement.

We are aggressively pursuing it.

We are the un-banked.

So many of our customers have a great cash flow but don't have an entrance to the card economy.

We are going to give them that.

Are you going to do loans?

We are going to do things to help customers that the other guys won't do.

So far, it's working.

My attitude hasn't changed.

Our company's attitude hasn't changed.

The other guys are being looked at.

All of these conversations and questions are coming from them.

Things are going very well.

I have been very clear that everyone needs specter.

Everyone needs more capacity, more specter.

We just got 700 megahertz, very good for us.

We got it in a transaction with verizon, very helpful for us.

We are looking forward to several auctions, the broadcast auctions in particular.

For us, it is multiple paths to success.

One is to successfully move forward.

If the government wants us to have a competitive environment, you're going to have to make sure that the doo-wop elite does not use their palace to crush the little guys -- doo-wop holuopoly does not use their palace to crush the little guys.

He is a very smart guy.

A lot of people look to see where he is investing.

I was very happy to see him on a list of people who believe in t- mobile.

Is a sprint-t-mobile merger a smart thing?

Ike i said, there are multiple paths to success.

From the standpoint of companies consolidating to get better scale, i am looking at options.

What does that say?

The regulars have made it clear that they want more competition.

They've got it.

Emily, it's a long game.

We are the number four carrier, moving very quickly.

We are all going to need better scaling capability.

The question starts to be how do you take a maverick and supercharge it?

We need more spectrum incapability, a lot more investment, and consolidation.

You want to fuel what is happening in t-mobile and there are a lot of ways to do it.

Is there a chance you could be doing your job so well that a merger happens and then you don't have a job?

I am so good at my job.

I am sort of like you.

Can you imagine if bloomberg would decide to do something with another company and leave cori in charge?

I am not worried about that.

I am good at what i do and i do it well.

How about microsoft?

Have they come knocking on your door?

Can you even picture bill gates and i sitting in the same room?

They are a great company.

They have a lot of work ahead of them.

I hope whoever they bring in they empowered to take aggressive actions like i was allowed to do it t-mobile.

Have they approached you?

I can't talk about that.

John leger at the macklemore concert in l.a.. cory, what you make of that?

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