Latest Market Bubble: `Beanie Babies'

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- On "Weird Wall Street," Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson look at bizarre business stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

That is according to an industry memo obtained by bloomberg.

Time for a weird wall street, where the bazaar is business as usual.

Market bubbles, as you know, come in all different shapes and sizes.

A family in los angeles learned about a bubble burst the hard way.

They spent about $100,000 on the items, hoping to eventually cash in.

They started ordering the tories at the height of the craze.

And even some of instituting a 1 per family will, so they relied on neighbors to make the purchases for them.

They are still hoping they will be worth something some day.

Isn't that amazing?

I'm thinking that is probably not going to happen.

Yet, be aware of stupid things.

Talk about stupid, just when you thought he was out of the headlines, he will face trial the because of his alleged connection to a prostitution ring.

Prosecutors believe it was an habitual event.

The 64-year-old imf chief admitted to attending sex parties in a hotel in france.

He said he did not know that some of the women were paid prostitutes.

How could you not know that?

The internet have a lot of fun with aggravated pimping today.

For the first time, mets fans can bring theirs the beanbags to citifield for a night.

It costs $200. do not expect any of the actual metzl to stop by.

They will explain the diamondbacks in arizona.

Happy friday.

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