Ladbrokes 1H Revenue Up 1.6%

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for British bookmaker Ladbrokes on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Net revenue.

Not much, though.

Up 1.6 percent operating profits coming in at 66.8 million pounds.

That is just slightly ahead of analysts estimates.

Let's put it in perspective.

It is down by one third.

They slumped 35% overall in terms of operating profits.

They have had concerns and a slow process of rolling out their digital presence.

It is all about going hand-in-hand with play tech, the gaming provider.

It is up and running.

It is meant to be match fit for the world cup to really capitalize on that performance.

It is meant to be the area of growth that many want to see.

Mobile sports book growth.

They say bets are up 105%. active for the amount of users, growing by 74%. migration completed.

The new back office is there.

You now have basically one single wallet.

What they want us to see what you're doing throughout whether you're going into a counter or a shop or online.

The whole engagement.

This is one of the big criticisms.

I saw some of this in the sunday newspapers as well.

I am looking for the polite word.

They were talking to sporting bet, 888. they went along with play tech and it is cost them dearly.

The ceo under pressure.

That is a question, isn't it?

? ?you have to deliver.

It is taking longer to switch the gaming projects.

His performance relative?

My stab of the day is internet.

7/10 of 1% performance return.

His peers?

7% return.

It might give him some breathing space.

You're not starting to see a president -- a presence in the digital mode.

They're also being hit by future regulation.

They have the abb code.

New code of conduct.

Responsible gambling.

Protecting those that are going in and using these machines that you can keep on pumping money and.

Betting terminals.

Carts they adopt this new code of conduct.

It has hurt them in terms of machine gross when.

Regulations -- third going to make customers stick more than 50 pounds and they will have to paid up front.

They want those that are gaming to know what they're going to be potentially losing.

They have to protect us that little bit more.

You're moving into digital.

They're suing net revenues up 26%. in december, we get a new 15% online betting tax.

They finally got themselves into gear to do a digital presence.

Spain is picking up 160% house in 157%. they are big in ireland, two.

I think in march, he'd have a great world cup like the hotel industry is had.

-- has had.

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