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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Golden State Warriors' co-owner and CEO Joe Lacob discusses the team's turnaround on and off the court since his purchase of the franchise, as well as plans for a waterfront arena in San Francisco. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant sits down with Bloomberg TV's Jon Erlichman. EPIX CEO Mark Greenberg explains why the premium entertainment service is making original sports series part of its programming mix. (Source: Bloomberg)

He used silicon valley savvy to build the warriors.

Now he is setting his sights on building a palace in san francisco.

It is something to be proud of.

Kobe bryant is back on the court, but he has his focus on the larger arena.

Plus the new entertainment venture promises to get a, and sports is part of the plan.

We know sports is a passion, and we want to be part of that.

Another e dish and of sportfolio starts now.

-- another e dish and of sportfolio starts now.

-- editonion of sportfolio starts now.

He bought the warriors for $450 million.

At the time it was the highest price ever paid on an nba franchise.

They have gone from being annual losers to championship contenders.

Did anyone see this coming?

I sat down with him in oakland and asked what he knew in 2010 the rest of the world didn't. it hadn't been developed.

I don't know if we knew anything more than the average fan.

I was a fan for 20 years.

I thought there was tremendous opportunity.

When you bought the franchise it was ok.

The waiting list almost doubled in three years.

Winning helps.

You can't explain all of that.

We hire the best people.

We spent six months trying to figure out who was good.

Six months into it we started making changes.

It was a lot of hard work.

It's about the people here and the great work they were doing.

Do you spend anymore time with kleiner perkins?


even though i was transitioning, i have a lot of responsibilities.

I have had to spend a lot of time here.

He is him burst in the -- immersed in this nba now but he started as a partnership in the celtics ownership group.

I took david stern's advice because now it puts you in the position to be a majority owner.

Was that tough for you?

That's not entirely true.

I come from venture capital where you never control or own the business.

We don't own 100%. i have been in that business before and had a lot of partners.

David stern did help me by getting that kind of advice.

I got to know the league, and that really helped when an opportunity came up.

The hometown connection is critical, even when it's not comfortable.

Two years ago he was booed when he took the ceremony honoring chris mullin.

What was it like when you had a cascade of boos?

You tried to smile.

How do you feel?

It was personally a very hard thing to absorb at that moment.

People are really nice to me . personally i think living in the town is really important.

You get involved.

You have to hear the cheers, the booze.

-- boos.

You know what is working.

They are building considerable goodwill.

After making the playoffs for the second time in 20 years he is considered a top contender.

He will need to cultivate every ounce of capital between now and 2017 when they plan to open a state-of-the-art arena with retail area and public open space.

The plan faces hurdles and will require hundreds of millions in private financing, but they see the opportunities beyond the obstacles.

It is one of the greatest in the world.

When the golden gate bridge was built there were a lot of opposers.

Now it is considered an icon.

I hope people will view this building and what we're doing and all the advantages in terms of seven acres of public space and the fire station, all those things is a great advantage for the city.

The bottom line is having done a lot of these over 30 years requires tenacity but also the ability to be false and compromise.

The bottom line is you had the skills to get this done long- term.

I think you are right.

The point is you have to listen to everyone.

We own this, but we are part and parcel with the community right now.

We have to listen.

Hopefully we get to a point where a majority of people believe we got it right.

The success on the floor, is it as you hoped?

Are you surprised at how quickly the team has come together and captured hearts and minds?

Finally we get to talk about basketball.

Am i surprised?

People ask that all the time.

We have a plan.

That was to emphasize rebounding and emphasize size.

We have stayed true to that land.

We have turned it around.

We made a few trades in signing.

We need to continue that.

We are not there yet.

We need to continue that.

The warriors released version 3.0 of their arena project in november after san francisco voters rejected a ballot measure to allow an area along the waterfront.

This expands the amount of public open space to 60% of the entire site.

The design must be reviewed by the commission and other local agencies as the permit office goes forward.

Coming up, kobe bryant unveils the newest design for his latest shoe and tells jon erlichman these days he is wearing many hats.

Then you get a backlash.

Hang onto to your hats.

Sportfolio is going to be right back.

Kobe bryant is playing again.

Jon erlichman caught up with bryant last week at an event celebrating the release of his latest sneaker.

The businessman is just hitting his stride.

You are asked to wear two hats that contradict each other.

You have to think team first and winning first.

Then we have to put on the business had.

For whatever reason athletes have become reluctant to make these decisions because of that, and that is something that needs to change.

Pre-k's the legacy of magic johnson, -- the legacy of magic johnson, is that after they are done.

I enjoy helping from the inception.

More so than partnering with an established brand.

I enjoy growing something from the beginning to the end.

You are thinking of tens?

11 and 12. are there going to be 15? it puts me out of my playing days.

Was it important to get that contract signed?

From an individual perspective, yes.

From the way i was viewing it, the lakers want me to do what was best for them.

I was thankful for all they have done throughout my career.

I was stepping back and saying, when you want to have this conversation we will have this conversation.

What about over the next year?

Are you going to be chief recruiter?

One of the things that is a pet the eve of mine is i am very concerned about what is going to happen when i step away from the game.

I want to continue to win championship and do what we do.

Michael jordan recently made headlines for saying, i put together a team of five guys.

Here is who i put.

Can we ask kobe bryant the same question?

Let me see if i can name some . you can do whatever you want.

Myself, bill russell.

Kumar, larry bird.

What about the path?

I am considering collective- bargaining rules.

What about other sports like soccer or something like that?

I look into it.

It is something i am very passionate about.

You never say never.

Kobe bryant identifies passion as what could lead into the owner's suite once his playing career is done.

Plus helping sports fans build his business.

He tells us why his company is sold on sports.

Investment and content is a major part of reaching the younger audience.

Can you name the nba team that has been under its current ownership the longest?

Nine teams have been sold in the last four years, but this franchise has stayed in the family.

We will give you the answer when sportfolio returns.

Here is the answer to the stumper.

The franchise under ownership for the longest is the los angeles lakers.

His family continues to own and operate the franchise.

We have heard it over and over and over again that sports properties are among the most valuable asset in media, especially live event programming is hotter than ever.

Can premium entertainment channels leverage the sports vote?

The channel is putting resource and promotion behind sports programs, and the president and ceo joins us to discuss his network's commitment to sports and what it means to the business.

They have a library of over 50,000 movies plus comedy specials and others, so how do sports fit into that model?

Ports have been a component since the beginning.

My personal history has involved putting out a number of boxing events.

We saw boxing and mixed martial arts, live sporting events that were mainstays of the network for the first few years.

We evolved the programming mix for storytelling and the world of sports.

For us a big part of that was to reach a young audience, a very engaged, very involved audience, so we think we are able to take on stories other people cannot and really bring them to life in an interesting way.

There is nothing more than dealing with mike tyson.

The focus obviously on documentaries as well now.

Give us the investment and revenue if on that change.

We are a subscription service, and that allows us to take on issues that are much more complex.

We are looking as a way to look at what our content is.

We are making a significant investment in our series.

Bill is doing a series called personal.

Our first one is a half-hour show.

We have done the same thing with other franchises.

We have taken linzie vann, marie stoudemire, and for us those investments in content are a major part of reaching younger audiences.

We are reached on 400 different devices.

Ps four, ps3, the xbox connect, the ipad.

That audience really wants to engage.

We use sports and telling those shows as a way of creating value.

Our proposition is not come of the show costs you x and you are generating y amount of revenue.

We know sports is a passion.

We want to be able to activate that.

It launched in 2009. talk about the second five years and what you would like to be doing as the sports part of your network grows.

We will look at live sports and constantly entertain what might happen in walks thing if we see a good opportunity.

I think we feel good about extending our sports franchise.

Our first target was the price of college sports which eels with division i football and all and are these -- deals with division one football.

We are able to take on an issue like that whereas other networks have conflict because they are doing business with the ncaa.

Nme award winning producer has brought to us a great documentary called "the forgotten four," which is really the first time -- we all look at jackie robinson breaking the color barrier.

No one knows the nfl broke the color barrier it in 1946 with the rams and leave lynn brown's. we will continue that franchise.

We are going to expand the storytelling.

We will continue the end the moment franchise, which are really -- the inspirational stories.

We are trying to ramp it up over the next few years.

We think those kinds of franchises will have a lot of value, but we will continue to expand that because we know it is a great way to be able to take those stories and really bring them to life.

Storytelling certainly involves a lot of -- and -- a lot of passion.

Still plenty left.

Did you notice it snowed up and down the east coast last sunday?

Hear what the head of the host committee has to say as contingencies plow forward.

Get sportfolio wherever you go on the bloomberg tv app for ipad.

Congratulations are in order for three master managers headed for the base wall hall of fame.

The committee selected robby cox, tony larusso, and joe tori this summer.

Apparently managing in the steroid era did not tarnished their candidacy.

A winter storm dumped several inches of snow along the eastern seaboard, affecting nfl playing conditions.

With the first outdoor cold- weather super bowl about to be held in the new york area, concerns for snafus remain high.

We sat down with the head of the host committee to discuss the business impact of unpredictable elements.

Farmer's almanac has told us to expect snow.

We have never played outside in a state this cold.

There are so many great things about this area.

One is that we know how to clear snow.

I spent time this afternoon with the folks in the department of transportation, and we could move the snow.

It really would take a very bad storm at exactly the wrong time to be an issue.

I think there are two very wrong times.

One is if we get a bad storm on others day and friday it prevents people from getting into the airports and the airports are closed.

If people cannot get down and they are not spending money, and that is part of the economic engine.

It is the wrong time if it prevents the kick off.

You mentioned bringing it to new jersey.

What about the economics of having to bring a thousand clouds in.

The state of new jersey is going to have to clear its roads no matter what.

The state has been very supportive, as has the city of new york to make sure whatever public services are provided and there is no differentiation in what happened saturday and sunday versus what would happen during the week.

I think they really have our back on this.

They realize it is important people can move around freely and safely and comfortably.

That way they will go out and spend money.

For what it's worth, only a half-inch of light snow fell, but all weather services agree it is impossible to predict what might happen the week of february 2. that will do it for this e dish and of sportfolio.

Thank -- this addition -- edition of sportfolio.


You for watching.

Visit our website.

Great to be with you.

See you next time on sportfolio.


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