Lack of Innovation Contributing to CBS-TWC Battle

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- Scott Galloway, Marketing Professor at NYU Stern School of Business, discusses the ongoing battle between CBS and Time Warner Cable. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Saying that they would stop offering cable television service will stop and focus some become a broadband operator.

Every traditional broadcast medium has taken its turn at the wood shed over the last 10 years.

Newspapers cut in half, magazine revenues down 1/3, now it is television policy term.

Have we not seen good earnings?

T b has held but you are now starting to see some resistance in terms of prices.

There was no underlying produce -- no underlying increase in productivity.

Who has the most power here, a cable distributor like time warner cable, comcast, or the others?

Or a network, a content creating a network like cbs?

You probably have to give it to the content guys.

All of the innovation is still going into a thing where they need the content.

It is an innovation around the delivery of content that challenges the distributors.

What does cbs do?

What is their ultimate threat if this continues?

When you have one -- we are basically price takers with time warner cable, or whenever you have in new york.

You have to take whatever they offer you and every year u.s. yourself, has there really been any innovation?

So much in our phone, very little around the television.

Right now we get more shows that we know what to do with.

At some point the program is going to grind to a halt, is it not?

I think that what you will see here is that less is more.

People will have the opportunity to pick the channels they actually watch and just pay for those.

How many subscribers this time warner cable news over this?

Difficult to say.

There is so much as they, they probably wind up solving this.

Matthew dowd has been keeping track of each politicians' response to cbs and time warner cable vision, politician comments are hilarious.

Something along the lines of -- if we straighten this out, free beer.

The constantly yell and scream around it and then wind up doing nothing.

Constantly saying -- i cannot believe this is happening.

The other thing that i think is a dramatic shift, to me, when netflix got 13 or 14 emmy nominations?

That was a sign that the world as we know it, all of these things, content creation and delivery, are changing.

I would guess that youtube gets an emmy nomination in a few years.

A youtube original program?

Very good, let me know.


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