Labour Party Proposal for Energy Companies

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Oct. 08 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Louise Downing reports on measures proposed to energy policy in the U.K. that could be implemented if the Labour Party wins. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Political season at the moment.

This is labor costs --l labor's big proposal.

The proposal only goes into effect if labor wins the next election.

These appraisals are being aimed at putting a stop at these price rises.

As you mentioned, the measures include freezing prices for two years and breaking up the energy companies.

You say 60 eight percent and you can begin to understand why it is a contentious issue.

On the other side, the industry says they have to raise prices for capital investment.

Energy companies need to invest as much as 110 million pounds in the next two years to replace power stations.

They have a target of 15% renewables by 2020. this will dampen that investment.

It will invest profit -- it will affect profit and make it harder for them to invest.

It will make them operate more difficult way -- in a more difficult way.

Versus some of their european credit cards, how does this go down the markets?

The main british players will be more effective by these appraisals to happen.

Obviously, they have more exposure in britain and they will be affected by these issues.

Obviously, they are saying that these appraisals would affect i was wondering why was broke and now i know.

68% hike in the gas bill.

Back to you.

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