Iraq Fallout: Is Kurdish Economy at Risk?

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Kurdish and Iraqi forces seized control of Iraq’s largest dam from Islamic State militants as the U.S. deployed air power that helped reverse some gains made by the Sunni-Muslim insurgents in the north. Willem Marx reports on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


What about mosul dam and the control of that?

Well, they launched 14 airstrikes today around the dam, and we spoke to some officials of the kurdish security forces, and bloomberg news was told that they now have complete control of the dam.

The ministry says the same thing.

The kurdish group says there are still a couple of kilometers that are very heavily laden with explosives, and that is something they're going to be clearing away in the coming days.

I thought you did some great pieces in israel last week about the economic impact of the conflict there on the region around the gaza strip.

How has it been in that region there in the kurdistan?

It has been pretty devastating, from what i understand.

I had a chance to sit down a few hours ago with the minister of finance, and this is what he had to say.

We, because a lot of the isis war has spent a lot of money on the kurdish forces and directed a lot of money towards the krg, this has made the work of the finances much more difficult.

And so, matt, you know, it has been a interesting conversation.

There has obviously been a lot they have had to focus on, and they are not entirely sure where they are going to get the funding in the coming months if it is not from their oil sales.

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