Klitschko Brothers Fight for Ukraine’s Future

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko discusses the social unrest in his homeland of the Ukraine, his brother’s bid for the nation’s presidency, and the state of boxing on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

To return to your home country of the ukraine to become a leader of one of the opposition party.

Do you want him to run for president?

I was against his political ambitions.

I knew that his life he was always looking forward to it.

He was always connect it to a. --connected to it.

He is totally dedicated to what he is doing.

He wants to have a change in the country.

He wants to have democracy in the ukraine.

All the ukraine want to be successfully and have democracy.

Do you think he will run?

He'll officially said that he is running for the presidency.

He's actually the number one candidate.

He is in opposition to the current president.

When you say you were against his leaving boxing to go back to politics, why?

Are you afraid for him?

Politics is much more complicated than any boxing match or anything in life.

Politics has a lot to different side.

I would not say it is not the cleanest thing to do.

There is a lot of complications.

There are a lot of opinions.

As blocking champion, 100% of the people are cheering for you.

As it is you are a politician, it is at least 50-50. some people have a different view.

They want to have different political opinions.

You have controversy with the people and try to explain why we need to do next steps like that.

We have seen that many times, for example with arnold schwarzenegger when he became governor.

There were a lot of people cheering him as a movie star but later on they were demonstrating against certain moves and a loss he was passing.

There is no question that politics is a vicious sports.

Does your concern for your brother extended beyond his popularity and maybe to his health?

It is worth reminding everybody that the last ukrainian president to challenge russia ended up being poisoned.

That is exactly the parallels they do not want to tell you.

In boxing, you will get a black eye or a bloody news.

In politics, poison and the food.

It is very dangerous.

If you have the desire, if you have the view, and you really work not for money but for your people in the first and last line, that really deserves respect.

I will never be supported of him -- are supportive of him if i did not believe what he wants.

Can you do enough for him in your current role as a boxer?

I think the combination of two brothers, one is a politician and another, i'm just representing the majority of the ukraine people.

They cannot only -- i cannot only say my opinion about certain things.

I mentioned politics is a brutal sport.

Boxing can be a brutal sport as well.

So is football.

Last that was the super bowl.

Did you have a chance to watch?

I had a chance to watch.

It is by first super bowl ever.

I was very excited.

When of the most exciting sporting events of the year.

A great experience.

What do you make of the controversy over concussions in football?

This is an issue that boxing had to confront many years ago.

I have heard about concussions.

The average football player is 3.5 years when they can play at a high level.

In boxing, one is 49 years old and so boxing guys who or 30 years younger than him.

He is still doing pretty good.

In a certain way, we have to protect athletes on the health side and on the policy of insurance.

Many do not have it or do not care about it.

It is dangerous to live.

You could die.

You know that every time you step into the ring.

Should a football time -- football player understand that every time he steps on the field?

The risks are there.

In anything.

If you really have a desire and what you are doing and protections by a union that you set up, why not?

Why do you think boxing is not as popular a sport in america today as it was during the heyday,? it is all relative.

The best athlete for the last year is mayweather.

He is popular enough.

We talked about boxing not being a popular sport or if we take a look in europe, seven or eight five of myself and my brother were soccer stadiums with 65,000 people.

It is all relative.

There is not a lot of names like it used to be in the 70s. we do not have it.

Boxing has a certain circle.

Which of the boxing greats did you look up to the most?

He was inside of the room.

She was very special inside of the ring -- he was very special inside of the ring and very special inside of the ring.

We know how much he stood behind martin luther king.

How much he did outside of the ring for the people, not for himself.

All of the great statements that he made not going to the war in vietnam was pretty complicated in those days.

Today we're looking at he did it . he dares others --he deserves a lot of respect.

Your brother said it was unlikely he came to boxing.

What would happen if the two brothers faced off?

There'll never be a fight between two brothers.

You answer the question.

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