Kingfisher 1H Sales Up 4.3%

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- IG Market Strategist Brenda Kelly discusses Kingfisher earnings with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

I see the stock is lower with the words, battle to traverse -- better to travel ban alive.

I think so.

If you look at the move upwards, i think a little bit of profiting is inevitable.

The profit slip is something to be concerned about.

It is based on the weather we saw.

If you look at the sales up and then the earnings per share are at 80.5, it is up from 10.910 a year ago.

The level should hold.

It was a good resistance level in the past.

A good buying opportunity.

The housing recovery is the main catalyst.

45% of the stock being held by u.s. investors, it is a big play.

We will be generous with the uk housing recovery.

Because of the high u.s. ownership of the stock , perhaps some investors were overestimating between housing data sales of houses and home improvement.

More direct in the u.s. than it is in the uk.

Look at the likes of london, which would be under this smaller property going for a lot more.

It would not necessarily be a direct link.

Mainly because a comparison of the price of home depot in america, presumably a cheaper stock to get involved in.

If we see recovery continue, it should with american investors in hand continue to see a rise.

Will we continue to see a rise in riskier after president obama phoned in his decision of strikes coming down today at oh the dollar, little changed.

The yen is down.

Do you think the trend will continue?

Clack we hope so.

The negotiations have to take place at the u.n.. congressional vote with the u.s. from obama.

Ultimately, the markets seem relieved.

The rally will be subjected to a little bit of profit taking.

We will not see much more of a pullback from here.

The chinese data we saw yesterday, industrial production was a good number.

I can expect to see markets -- the oil price rising.

Particularly if the fundamentals do seek to underpin us -- we will see -- over the next couple of years.

What is now the most important piece of uk economic data released at night clock -- 9:30 london time.

They say it will stay unchanged at 7.8%, backing mark carney's view that it will take longer to head down to the seven percent level.

That is probably going to be the case.

I do not see much of a change at the unemployment level.

I see the markets have gotten a little ahead of themselves in terms of pricing, despite the assurances from mr.


At some point, we are hopeful.

It will be closely watched and we can expect volatility around that particular time.

Thank you.

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