King: We Must Find a Way Forward With Immigration

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Rep. Peter King of New York discusses immigration reform and Olympic security in Sochi with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Seemed like there was a chance to get something done.

You have said recently that speak urbina wants to avoid an internal republican fight over immigration.

What do you say as the possibility to immigration in the near future?

Is that something that can be done?

It will be difficult.

There are a number of republicans who are against it because they feel that it will grant amnesty.

We have to find a way forward.

That will require strict were security.

John boehner decided that our party was divided and going into election was not a risk repeating.

We should come up with something next year.

I hope we can come up with something sooner than that.

Let me ask you about ot.

-- sochi olympics.

So far they have gone on with and 30 issues.

-- no apparent security issues.

The former chairman of the homeland security commission committee -- how do you feel about how russia has handled the assets?

Thank god there have been no attacks.

I thought that the odds were greater that there will be an attack at these olympics than any of the reviews olympics.

It is a dangerous part of the world.

You have islamic terrorists are threatening to attack.

There is the fact that the russians, their intelligence, they have not shared it with other countries.

That is what the british did, what china did, with greece did.

As a result of that, it creates a greater degree of risk.

I am hoping and praying that an attack will not occur.

The russians are very good as far as having a ring of deal around the olympics themselves.

As far as other parts of russia, they are not sharing intelligence.

Representative keating, janet yellen gave her first testimony in front of the house financial services committee.

Are you a critic of her policies?

Do you believe as many republicans do, that she has been overly accommodative?

Time has come to tighten it a bit.

It is tough times, but ben bernanke kept going.

I thought he did a good job.

It is time to cut back a bit.

I do not want to be overly critical top we are talking about a very sensitive area full it is time to start tightening a bit.

You have indicated that you might run for president in 2016.

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