How Not to Get Caught Cheating: Ashley Madison CEO

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Ashley Madison President and CEO Noel Biderman discusses the company's dating site on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Huge caveat.

It is for people who are already in relationships but looking to pursue something on the side.

It is for cheaters.

You are married but your enthusiastic about having affairs?

I am an entrepreneur.

When i saw a huge percentage of people weren't truly single on dating sites and there was an alternative path, i thought to build something.

Which you invest?

At a price.

Was there a market for everything or was there him -- when i saw that data it was really compelling.

We all know affairs happen.

We may be blown away by how many people will come to a service like ours.

That is what it has become.

I just learned this this morning, the day after valentine's day for a cheating website is like black friday.

If you have expectations, it is not the first time it has felt hollow.

This is the second time it has felt hollow.

You can do a lot of things that people may say is healthier.

You may also find a lover.

What is healthier than sex?

There is romance in a. how you cash in on the fact that tomorrow everybody is logging in?

All of our revenues are 100% subscription-based read it is not that you actually give as a monthly subscription and get as many messages and -- as many messages as you want.

You pay per message.

Women want to be an object of desire it again.

For that day we have more women than men.

Are you surprised by this?

I am from a different era than the three of you.

I didn't get the memo.

As a guy who uses technology to do a number of things, you worried about the paper trail.

Do have to use a fake e-mail address?

In his digital lipstick.

Is there a way to do it anonymously?

Is there a bitcoin version?

The perfect affair is meeting someone and not being discovered.

Everything is about the discretionary part of it.

When he finished on a traditional dating site, you're taking your profile to circulation.

We will recall every message you ever sent.

We are thinking it through.

Do you have meet and greets?

, we do not.

It is an introductory platform.

Have you been subpoenaed in any divorces?

, thankfully we have woken up to the reality that people can divorce for a host of reasons.

Infidelity is a symptom, it is not the cause.

They get divorced more.

Before we read these facts we know this to be true.

We need to ask howard what he thinks.

What neighborhood has the most infidelity?

Staten island.

Demott that is a great answer and probably true.

The kind of infidelity that uses the internet to make it happen, you know that is happening in tribeca.

We do very well with affluent communities.

We did incredibly well in tough economic times.

When people need their mom -- need their partner the most -- i can't believe brooklyn heights is on there.

Just because someone has an affair doesn't mean they aren't good people.

I don't care if it is presidents, famous entertainers, it just means they are struggling with monogamy.

You are saying monogamy is a choice.

It doesn't mean you are a bad person.

It is a man-made construct.

It is not in our dna.

I'm going to publicly disagree with you.

If you are cheating on your wife, you are a bad person.

The reason it is this successful is because women have radically changed in the back -- in the past decade.

Do you think it is now socially acceptable if you are a cheater?

Honey, if you are watching, i am not involved.

There is no price anymore.

I think we are all complex.

There are lots of people who are good people in many ways and do bad things.

There are people who are bad in other ways.

Maybe it doesn't make you a bad person but it is definitely the wrong thing to do if you are having an affair with someone else.

We are not behind closed doors.

Will we hear all the time is members want to cherish their economic situation.

Their children, their family.

They don't want to leave all that.

There are four of us, you are the only unmarried one.

The reason is because i take marriage very seriously.

What is your growth strategy?

You are making it happen, there is a market for it.

It is hard to build a universal product.

Your parents have to be involved in economics and so.

Infidelity is pretty global.

Even in a culture where it is prohibited by law people do it.

There really is no marketplace we can't see ourselves expanding into.

Matus gave me a clean note.

Someone just message me and said if you are cheating on your wife you can't be trusted.

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