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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Rep. Peter King of New York discusses his possible run for president in 2016 with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You have been spending a lot of time in my home state of new hampshire.

Is there anything right now that would prevent you from running?

Are you going to throw your hat in the ring?

I'm going to wait and see.

I am taking advantage to travel to places like new hampshire and see what the landscape is.

I will make a decision in the next year or so.

It is important that whoever the nominee is, we do not allow the isolationist wing of the republican party to take over.

We have strong homeland security and strong national security.

We have to find a way to bring more people into the party.

Whether it is a lead trade unions, blue-collar americans, i'm going to go back and have the same values as ronald reagan.

Chris christie had been considered one of the favorite son for the republican nomination.

Do you think his chances are much slimmer?

He is going through a tough time.

If he can go through without anything coming out against them -- him, and he did not take part in any type of cover-up, chris christie good bounce that.

He had a very good record.

He is a strong candidate and he has the ability to reach out.

It depends what happened in new jersey.

Hopefully that will be resolved.

Peter king, thank you for joining us as afternoon.

Say hello to your friends in new hampshire for me.

I will.

I will grease the wheels for you.

Thank you again.

It has been a big day here.

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