King Digital Rides `Candy Crush’ to $500M IPO

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- James Chandler, head of mobile at MindShare Media U.K., examines the industry built around mobile game apps as Candy Crush maker King Digital raises $500 million in its initial public offering on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

I think the point is made really well there.

The apps are full of these games.

They're not really hard to copyright and very easy for people to copy.

They are not particularly dutiful.

How does it go down with aficionados?

Rex you look at things and these are very quick fix.

Very easy and very addictive.

And very solitary.

A lot of capacity have been with people like hasbro.

Games were about family and friends and playing together.

The trend now is to play these things on your own.

What is the effort is this model?

Is it these pre-him games where it is free to download and then you pay as you progress or you go down the angry birds route where it is a couple of dollars initially.

What is the preferred route if you're going down the game's producing road.

They actually stopped all ads in the game last year.

Ad revenue -- if you look at flappy birds which was an overnight hit, they were making $50,000 a day in ad revenue.

The fact that king could pull out of that completely, to stop you waiting a day to play and to serve your addiction it does not -- king makes a profit.

I must say something about their business model as opposed to the other apps makers waste have -- we have seen list that do not make it to profit.

This is one model but constantly coming back to it and not purchasing is a very lucrative model.

It has been lucrative for angry birds renting out into various merchandising roots.

It wants to expand into an animated film.

It is even talking to disney.

Will we be buying our jellybean t-shirts?

I do not think we have got a choice.

There is lots of talk about king.

You look at something like rubio -- rovio.

It is cuddly toys and merchandise.

That is one brand that managed to spread.

It is all happening in finland.

You have got rovio that makes angry birds.

Someone has taken a march on rovia.

There are lots coming out in eastern europe.

I think as we said it is easier to replicate.

What about the future of gaming?

It has implications beyond gaming.

Facebook buying oculus which is an eyewear maker.

It makes the gadgets you wear on your head to play certain games.

Is that a bold move, is that a good move from facebook?

Rex bold for now.

That will pay out for now.

There ahead of that time.

Given that they have played catch-up for so long.

This is try to go beyond mobile.

I think we think about mobile to mobility.

This is watches we wear and connected rings, earphones, glasses, whatever they might be.

There is all sorts of wearable devices.

You're going to be the winners in the wearable device market, do you think?

Rex we think it is about [inaudible] if it all fits together it it works well.

That could amazon or samsung or facebook or apple.

There are 10 or more layers that put things together.

What do you think facebook will do next?

It has made 40 accusations at 20 or so billion dollars.

Where next because it seems to be battling it out with the likes of google.

They have to make these acquisitions work as well.

They are no use if they sit inside.

Perhaps it is sign for reflection and see how they will work with it.

Thank you very much.

Just a reminder.

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