King Digital Offers Investors a Piece of `Candy’

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March 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker discusses "Candy Crush" and King Digital seeking an IPO valuation of $7.6 billion with Olivia Sterns on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's start with the pet -- price itself.

$7.6 billion.

How does that compare?

Seven point six ounce like an expensive -- sounds like an expensive price.

If you compared to my you're looking the dollar you would pay as an investor for every dollar of sales they produce, it is cheaper than zynga.

Zynga by comparison is six times sales relative to four times sales.

Even if it prices at the high and are saying this could be a discount for zynga.


What we have been told is they are trying to discount these chairs because investors are concerned it could be a one-hit wonder.

Candy crush which is 70% of its sales i now could be its only thing going for it.

It is mind-boggling that 70% of sales came from this one single game.

You could value a company at nearly a billion dollars because of the success of the type of mobile game that comes in and out of vogue when kids change their mind.

Adults play it, too.

Isn't the fact that he could thought fall out of fashion?

Rex people -- you look at zynga.

Shares have fallen since its 2011 ipo as users defected from its "farmville" game to candy crush.

Who is to say the next -- that cannot happen for candy crush?

There were rumors but they pulled back.

The reason they pull back and waited is for king to come up with some other offerings area and to diversify their revenue stream and show investors we are not reliant on candy crush.

It should not weigh on the offering as such.

There -- it is nice they have other games but those games have not had enough time to come up to full speed and show investors that they can be the big hit that candy crush is.


We're waiting for that one billion-dollar revenue mark.

Do you think they lived -- landed anything else from zynga?

They have to keep everything controlled.

With zynga they were also it's of issues emma with management and scandals.

They have kept this blocks down.

A very standard ipo process.

They will get all kinds of hype but they are keeping it controlled in terms of an ipo.

Do you play?

I do not.

Everyone in the subway i sit next to his playing.

7.6 billion dollars is the potential valuation.

Thank you.

That is it for on the markets.

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