Kim Dotcom Disrupts New Zealand Election

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on Kim Dotcom exploiting a loophole in New Zealand’s electoral system in a bid to oust Prime Minister John Key from office. He speaks to Angie Lau on “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Back to power for prime minister john key has become all whole lot more unpredictable thanks to one of his old phones.

Let's head over to paul allen in sydney.

Kim dotcom, you met the fellow.

He seems to be throwing a wrench in the works for john key.

Kim dotcom is basically doing everything he can to avoid extradition, which is at the root of his entity on john key ever since that raid on his house to do with copper right -- copyright infringement.

Now he has formed the internet party.

He is not allowed to stand himself because he is not a citizens.

He has been campaigning very hard for his candidates.

He has formed an alliance with the mana party, which is a left-wing party led by, i guess you could all him a firebrand.

He has made an alliance with him.

With his political clout and dotcom's cash, they could take two to five seats at parliament.

Kim dotcom is trying to reach out to the youth vote with policies ranging from faster internet speeds to a digital economy.

Here is a little taste of one of their recent rallies.

Are you ready for a revolution?

[applause] are you ready to take down the government?

[applause] are you ready to extradite john key?

There he is.

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