Keystone Pipeline Is Critical: Nadal

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- MDC Partners Chairman and CEO Miles Nadal and Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman discuss the “3 Amigos Summit” in Toluca, Mexico and the Keystone Pipeline. They speak with Stephanie Ruhle and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Or three not so amigos.

There is certainly some outstanding tension with prime minister harper when it comes to trading issues and the keystone pipeline -- a big thorn right now with the canadians looking to the president to approve this pipeline, but the president is not getting any indication they will be doing that before the midterm election.

I think the only issue that is really relevant is the keystone pipeline.

Everything else is really a red herring.

The keystone pipeline is critical.

Canada needs to have it, it's important to the industry -- help me understand the reasons people are against the keystone pipeline.

If we don't build the keystone pipeline, you're just going to burn even more oil shipping what you get from the tar sands around the world on boats and trains and in trucks.

Why not have it?

I think there are two issues people are concerned about.

One is enhancing americans dependency on foreigners for their oil.

Not making america more self-sufficient.

Second, environmental issues.

It should get approved.

These are just the reasons, but they are not good reasons.

The environmental concerns are just building the actual pipeline through the land?

That is essentially the argument you heard this week from the canadian ambassador to the u.s. if the president does not improve this, it's only going to be for political reasons.

You saw the state department environmental review that said it would not significantly increase carbon emissions, which has been one of the issues the president said he would consider in making the determination.

The white house is not indicating the president is going to tip his hand even private during these meetings.

They say they are going through the interagency review process and there is 90 days before the decision gets to the president's desk for him to have the final signoff.

But you're not adding any indication that they are in any rush to make this decision before the midterm.

The context i have in washington -- the contacts i

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