Kevin Parker's Journey From Finance to Ice & Wine

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Parker, CEO of Sustainable Insight Capital Management, discusses his transition from finance to fine wine and ice hockey with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thanks for coming in.

This involves more than an interest as an aficionado.

You decided to make the switch to actually make wine.

When did that happen?

I looked around in california and oregon and i ended up in france.

Really because of the depth of wine knowledge there in the availability of property and so forth.

What attracted you to the wine culture, the wine business?

There are a lot of other ways to make money.

Working on wall street, sitting behind a computer and trading for all those years, i wanted to do something tactile -- something with your hands.

Something with my hands, something a consumer could enjoy.

Something that could be enjoyed as opposed to trading money back and forth.

When did you decide to go into the wine business?

In 1997 we bought a vineyard area we convert it to organic, what is called biodynamic farming which is the most natural approach to producing wine.

And we were one of the early pioneers of producing wine in a biodynamic way and we have been certified for more than 10 years.

What categorizes something is biodynamic?

What are the steps?

We grow the grapes free of pesticides, synthetic hormones, fertilizers.

It is grown in the most natural state imaginable and we take applications we put into the soil to create biodiversity in the soil and really get back to the way wine was made and grapes were grown hundreds of years ago before the advent of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

What kind of grapes and what kind of wine are you making?

We are making syrah and granache.

We make a beautiful white wine which is called grenache gris.

Was a challenging for an american to go to france and prove that you could make wine as well as they were making?

We had challenges in the early days of biodynamics.

Did people even know what that meant?

They did not know what that meant.

It was just getting going.

In our part of the world, grapes are grown with a lot of pesticides and fungicides.

We made a radical departure from that and really espoused growing things as natural as possible.

It led to a lot of skepticism among the locals.

Was it more expensive to go that route?


It was the renewable energy.

The costs are coming down as more and more wineries approached us.

There are over 1500 wineries in the world now.

You talked about renewal.

I want to shift your attention to the renewal of an armory in the bronx, in new york, which you are also working on.

This has to do with a completely different kind of ice, not the kind of a goes and drinks.

What are you doing creating this knightsbridge ice hockey center?

It's inspired by my children.

Growing up in new york city, it is critically short of ice.

Looking at that, their careers would have ended at 12 years old.

It made sense to me.

We have three in a jail -- nhl teams.

Why is there not more eyes here?

I went about trying to find the reason for that.

We were shown the kingsbridge far many -- armory, the largest armory ever built in the world.

We are constructing nine ice rinks under a single roof in the bronx with my partners, a new york hockey hero, and sarah hughes, the olympic gold medalist for the united states.

I got a chance to talk to mark messier.

Listen to what he had to say.

The metropolitan area is underserved in ice sports.

We are setting out to fix that.

We are setting out to fix the problem in ice hockey, but little did we know, to demand there would be in all ice sports.

We have an economic juggernaut to come into the bronx and create jobs.

That was mark messier.

Wine is one of those things that people talk about that brings everyone together if they enjoy that.


Is there an element of making good news is happen?

I think it is all about sustainability.

One of the things we've seen him producing wines that are organic and biodynamic -- which really did not capture the consumer imagination 15 years ago.

Now you are doing almost 200,000 cases a year, right?

We will sell 65,000 bottles just in new york city this year.

What is driving this is the consumer interest in sustainability.

It is the century of health and wellness.

Consumers care what they are putting in their bodies.

This is timely in that regard.

What does it cost to put this into your body?

The two top ones that you see here, our white wine is about

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