Kevin Durant, Jay-Z Team Up Against Nike

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Dave Hollander, professor of sports management at NYU, discusses Kevin Durant’s possible move from Nike to Under Armour. He speaks with Matt Miller on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Media, and business, also the author of "52 weeks." thanks for joining us.

Under really putting the pressure on nike, but i'm guessing nike has enough money to top or meet the deal, and they have the right to do so in the contract, right?

I think it is almost less about under armour putting pressure on nike then baa putting the pressure.

Roc nation is part of caa -- the agency.

An army of skilled negotiators backing roc nation they took dwyane wade away.

Now they say you have 90% of the basketball sneaker market in you have been dictating terms for a long time.

They have made a game changer deal in the sneaker business.

I wonder how much nike has to pay attention to.

Ok, maybe kevin durant goes to under armour,: i think of basketball shoes, i think of nike.

Nobody else can -- reebok has tried.

Other companies have tried, but nike makes basketball shoes.

Can anyone really take a piece of that market?

Oh, absolutely.

$4.5 billion sneaker market, one third of all athletic footwear.

There is plenty of room for nike to have a great is ms., and for other brands to have a great business.

I don't think anything stays forever, let's just see what happens with a pristine athlete brand like kevin durant and steph curry, who they sign the last year.

How important our shoes when you are playing basketball?

Nike has had decades of experience and the greatest basketball players in the world helping them develop these shoes, and under armour makes boxer briefs.

What do they know about making testable shoes -- making basketball shoes?

Under armour has tremendous street credibility in sports.

That is where you see it first, on the pros, the top college players.

I'm a think anyone doubts under armour's ability to make a great shoe at all.

Doesn't matter to kevin durant what sure he wears?

Dizzy care about the product, or is it all about the money for the -- does he care about the product, or is it all about the money for the logo?

I think he cares a great deal and he will make certain he is comfortable and performing at the level he needs to perform at . if not, they will change it.

But yeah, it is ok.

It is ok for kevin to rent to make as much money as he can while he is laying basketball.

This is a business that i don't think anybody has a problem with that.

No, absolutely not.

Thanks for joining us.

Professor of sports management at nyu.

Very interesting story, and he has a very interesting book out.

Definitely check this out.

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