Can Under Armour Steal Kevin Durant Away From Nike?

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Odgers Berndtson's Andy Dolich discusses Kevin Durant possibly signing an endorsement deal with Under Armour. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

I think we have gone from an arms race to a foot race.

Very nicely done.

If the under armour deal with kevin durand is finalized, how will this change the dynamic between the athletic endorser and businesses?

What the sneaker market is posed to $5 billion.

Salaries are an afterthought.

You are going after a global footprint.

With the street credit that under armour has, nobody ever went after nike.

There were a lot of pretenders and they failed miserably.

When you have clearly an iconic type player like kevin durand, you're talking about the world.

Sports has become a global language and a financial windfall.

Would be a loss for nike given its stable of athletes?

No, because nike is the ultimate company.

They have done such a spectacular job, they have understood that the world is shrinking in the size of the ball and they have captured a lot of those great players.

I think it is almost an opportunity for nike.

If kd goes to under armour, you have a battle.

He is the ultimate competitor.

Calexico live years ago, 90 lost -- nike lost the services of stephon curry.

Are they literally and figure briefly on their heels at this point?

They're on their toes and they always will be just because of the management of the company . if you think of the detroit pistons bad boys which have gotten a lot of ink, when you have steph curry and kevin durand and whoever, that great seventh grader to come, this could be the good boys and under armour.

A big component of the story that has been getting a lot of talk about dollars is the jay-z combo with kevin durant.

Is that as disruptive and influence?

I see it as creative.

Sports and entertainment.

Every athlete wants to be an entertainer and every entertainer wants to be an athlete.

It is not just what your vertical leap is, it is what your global impact is.

As someone who is a player and someone who is ultimately cool.

They understand what the ultimate end game is.

You can draw an arc from oscar robertson to lebron james.

His kevin to rent there or does he have to win a championship?

Always like to get a ring.

-- is kevin durrant there or does he have to win a championship?

Always like to get a ring.

Contractually, he was born in d.c. might he go back to the wizards?

These athletes really control their destiny to a level we have never seen before.

The price tag being talked about, the $280 million range, does that surprise you?

Of course it surprises you when you think of $280 million to go to a shoe company based on what he's being paid a year, it is significant.

When you look at the up side of the market, lifestyle, economic growth in asia, and south america, and europe.

Basketball clearly is a global game.

It has made great inroads and those dollars are really insignificant as insane as it sounds, when you are locking up somebody who was such a high-quality individual like kevin durrant.

You believe that the upside is not for the faint of heart, why not?

You have to have a big checkbook.

This is a tug-of-war.

You are going all in.

You are not playing halfway like other companies have done.

Kevin plank has built this in an intelligent manner in the game is on.

Did steve ballmer paid too much for the clippers?

Absolutely not.

I am interested to see who jumps higher, steve ballmer or mark

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