Kerry: Won't Allow Ukraine Integrity to Be Violated

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with reporters in Paris about the latest developments in the crisis in Ukraine. (Source: Bloomberg)

Important to resolve these through dialogue.

United states is focusing intensely on a remedy or do not believe, as you rest of us believe, president obama does not believe it, i do not believe the other countries we're working with the no they do not believe any of us are served by greater or further competition.

We met today to discuss these issues because we cannot and will not allow the integrity and sovereignty of the country of the ukraine to be violated and for those violations to go unanswered.

Russia's violation of ukraine's sovereignty so as in a world in support of the ukrainian people.

This morning, secretary hagel announced the defense department is taking concrete steps to reassure our nato allies steps like expanding our aviation detachment and our contributions . this is on top of other steps the united states is artie taking wake suspending bilateral

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