Kerry Seeks Diplomatic Solution to Ukraine in Paris

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Indira Lakshmanan reports on Secretary of State John Kerry’s Paris meetings with European and Ukrainian officials and possible economic steps that can be taken against Russia on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Was this an orchestrated event or spur of the moment?

John kerry was planning all along to come to paris today for meeting of foreign ministers relating to support for lebanon which relates to the syrian crisis.

They were brought together rather suddenly, various meetings on the sideline of interested in parties -- interested parties in ukraine.

We saw secretary kerry, secretary haig of u.k. and also the cranium counterpart.

You are perfectly advise on this.

Give me account.

It is a g-8? g7? g3? how "g" are we this morning?

It depends on who you're talking to.

The u.s. is still mad about russia is doing.

There have been calls from corners in washington about trying to expel russia from the g8. but i'm not sure whether it will go that far.

What john kerry did this morning was he referred to this budapest memorandum signed back in 1994 by the u.s., russia, u.k., and ukraine when ukraine gave up their stockpiles of nuclear weapons, which you may remember was the third-largest in the world at the time.

And john kerry condemned russia, in his opinion, for not sticking to the parameters of that declaration which were to protect ukraine from any threats.

We think it is a problem.

To what extent will financial aid and dollar amounts be discussed?

Russia saying ukraine owns gazprom, which is the state controlled energy giant.

They have already committed some aid to ukraine.

I think that is still to be discussed.

Later today at 5:00 p.m. paris time, john kerry will meet with secretary lavrov of russia, so they will have a chance to talk about that then.

At 3:30, there will also be a meeting on the sidelines to talk about ukraine.

Russia has been offering money to ukraine, supposedly the metallic them with the gas debt -- supposedly, to help them with the gas debt.

Indira, thank you so much, traveling with a secretary in paris, france.

Let's get to company news.

We start with standard chartered bank.

Posting a profit for the first time in a decade.

Business in south korea we can.

They broken its korean business.

Because the bulk of its profit from the asia-pacific region.

A drop in the ruble slowing adidas down.

Forecasting full-year profit as much as 17% below analysts

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