Kerry Postpones Russia Trip as Sanctions Loom

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Indira Lakshmanan discusses the latest on the Ukrainian crisis. She speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What is the latest in crimea?

We heard about the first violent demonstrations you talked about between the pro-secretaries and her test or says in crimea.

We have seen reports a check points demand by a combination of russian forces, as well as pro-russian the wishes.

Mercenaries from elsewhere in europe.

Also hearing reports about russian forces firing shots at a ukrainian motorized battalion.

There is reports of what is going on on the ground.

What is the latest on the diplomacy sanctions front?

We were with secretary kerry last week and elsewhere in europe working on diplomacy.

Secretary kerry over the weekend, according to the russians, did give a follow-up raposo, one-page proposal sunday.

He had an invitation to meet in russia to meet today with vladimir putin.

He has asked for postponement of that, because according to the state department, he wants to see evidence that russia is serious about negotiations and they wanted css station in the back committees in crimea and elsewhere.

Over the weekend we heard about the on call between andolan merkel, david cameron and vladimir putin, and the germans have underscored they think this is the most serious crisis since the fall of the berlin wall.

They have warned him unless he gets involved in diplomacy, there could be european sanctions coming.

The white house spokesman said he sees very little chance of the g-8 summit going forward.

All of this diplomacy, economic sanctions is increasing until we see real diplomacy on the part of the russians.

What is the latest on the international aid fund.

-- aid front?

No doubt a conversation president obama will have when he visits the white house wednesday.

Very important.

You mentioned full-court telematics press.

He is coming on wednesday to the white house.

Thursday as the united nations making his push for keeping a united ukraine.

Back in $1 billion in loan guarantees which congress has said it is behind.

The white house trying to push through changes in funding that would allow that to go up to $1.6 billion.

Right now seeing a battle between republicans and democrats on the hill about whether the changes would go through.

What type of person is he, and is he firmly in charge in the ukraine?

He and others of the acting government had said as this point they are trying to do a caretaker government.

Not claiming they will be there for the long time.

They are part of the liberal pro-western camp that wanted to sign an agreement with the european union or a trade association, as well as the possibility for future number ship.

They have said they will go forward with the moves.

I think this will be a chance for president obama to say the u.s. is behind the newly democratic ukrainian government.

They have really made clear they will not support a referendum happening this weekend, sunday march 16 in crimea, which the russian government is supporting.

You bring up the referendum.

What is the run-up to that?

The likelihood the referendum well past?

Russia and the pro-russian separatist have been very confident about this, to the point that we also hear it the american ambassador saying we will not recognize the results of this.

The results are not necessarily preordained because we have seen polling that shows not necessarily majority of folks living in crimea and other heavily pro-russian areas are necessarily in favor.

Fewer than 50% supporting it.

We also saw more people supporting trade pact with your rep then with russia.

Remains to be seen what the results of the vote will be.

The latest on ukraine,

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