Kerry Arrives in London to Press Russia’s Lavrov

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in London to press his Russian counterpart to halt a takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula after clashes killed one person and injured dozens in the country’s east. Hans Nichols reports on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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We want to talk about one of the big stories of the -- of the day and certainly head of the week and.

Secretary of state john kerry will meet his russian counterpart sergei lavrov in russia today ahead of the crimean referendum sunday.

It will decide whether crimea will break away from ukraine to become part of russia.

Kerry warns it can get ugly fast the wrong choices are made.

Hans nichols, bloomberg's international correspondent, joins us from berlin.

This is a vote that germany and the rest of the western world make clear will not be honored by international law.

The russian response was that kosovo was on it by international law.

The referendum will pass and crimea will no longer for all purposes be part of ukraine.

It is very clear, regardless of what john kerry tells us counterpart in london.

I am absolutely fascinated by mr.

Putin's next move.

I am thunderstruck by the lack of immediacy in the press.

Granted, we are all distracted by the horrific malaysian air crash.

But over the weekend, what would you presume mr.

Putin and his soldiers will do?

You want to look at soldiers in eastern ukraine or still in russia, but you also want to look at civilians and whether or not they are russian agitators.

If i were reporting the story, i would go up and down the east part of ukraine and check in every hotel and small inn and ask their occupancy rates.

If they have a lot of russians -- and i would also look for license plates and see where people are coming in.

If these towns are being flooded by russian civilians, they are there to agitate and to sort of create a pretext of -- a violent pretext for putin to move in their forces.

That to me is the strongest indication that those forces that are on the russian side right now would cross into ukraine property at what you are really getting at is lack of legitimacy.

What has angela merkel said specifically about the legitimacy of this potential -- i should not say potential election, but this vote.

Like every other western leader, angela merkel talk about this being illegitimate.

She has had a half a dozen conversations with putin the past couple of weeks.

They speak the same language.

She won a contest in high school to study russian in russia.

She is making no progress.

No one quite knows how far his intentions go.

Is it just crimea or is it through the ukraine?

I know you want a ward at the london school of economics in 1956 -- won an award at the london school of economics 1956. what is your view of nato?

You have to do a noted -- a nato for north africa, which is france, the u.k., and the united states, which is french lead, and that is the libya air support.

Then you have to do an entire separate nato for afghanistan.

The problem for nato as it exists right now is there is no nato to counter the eastern european threat.

The rare -- the very reason it was formed.

It really does not have the capacity.

Or really if there is a will to challenge russia and some of the places.

Yes, they are moving in a few

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