Keeping Up With the $200M Kim Kardashian Glu Game

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo De Masi discusses the popularity of the company's Kim Kardashian mobile game with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What is this game?

A pleasure to be back.

We pondered with kim about 12 or 18 months ago to build a game that is tailored around providing her fans with an experience so they can carry in their pockets and be in kim's world.

Kim is effectively your mentor as a player as you work your way up the rungs of hollywood to become an a-list celebrity.

How does something like this work?

I understand the game itself is free but once in the game itself , you can purchase various tokens and you can purchase access to different levels of the game.

How does something like this turn into money?

We make money in two prints full mechanisms.

There is advertising and that is 10% or 15% revenue on average.

85% comes from microtrends actions.

You are buying things like energy and stamina to allow you to complete more missions, more tasks under her tutelage and to get you better kits.

A new outfit, a new bag, a new apparel.

How about a new dinosaur?

Dino hunter is our second biggest game right now.

Our stock is up 60% in the last three weeks since the game launched.

Dino hunter launched last thursday and it is the number one free game in the app store.

It is lower in grossing ranks but it is higher in the free ranks.

I am very proud right now about where glu it.

-- is performing.

The stock price is higher in the last 18 months and you would be hard-pressed to find a game company that has two games so different in the top three positions.

Any interest in not only selling the games but selling glu mobile?

[laughter] we are a public company, so as i say, for the right premium, everything is possible.

We are just as interested in being a consolidator is a consolidate he.

We made an acquisition last fall.

As we get larger, our opposition strategy can become more impactful for us -- acquisition strategy can become more impactful for us and we will combine an organic and inorganic strategy in the next year.

You mentioned you had the number one and number three position in free downloadable games.

As for the apple ios platform.

Number one and number three total free apps and we have the number five and number 21 grossing apps overall.

What kind of numbers do that indicate?

How many people go and play the dinosaur game or play the kardashian game?

That is a popular question.

We have 10 research analysts that are all providing their own estimates of the market.

It is a closed.

For me as you know.

Our earnings are coming up in the next few weeks.

I cannot comment on specifics but i can say that ultimately you're -- you are seeing big numbers of daily users as you get into the top 10 and we have two of the top three.

I will leave you to speculate with our analysts over what the exact estimate is.

I would love to chat because i have part numbers to share in a compliant way.

What characterizes a hit game?

We know kim kardashian is a name, a celebrity.

What characterizes the actual player interface that would make something a hit?

There is always some art and science to this.

That is what makes the game business interesting.

It is volatile, but in a case like glu, a lot of good volatility to the upside.

This will be our most profitable you're in the company's history.

Biggest in bottom line.

You are actually seeing the outcome of a deliberate or folio strategy -- portfolio strategy to increase the number of hits and decrease things that do not perform.

Dino hunter is a reuse of the deer hunter we released last november and the kim game is marrying her brand in market awareness within engine we launched previously in a game called hollywood.

A proven engine improvement -- and proven market traction will be coming together.

Would you be coming together with new popular figures to produce more games along the line of the kardashian game?

Kim is probably the best fit in the world.

It is a casual rpg.

It fits her fan base very well.

I would not rule out other celebrities but they have to be of her caliber.

They could not cannibalize her game at all.

There is a wide world out there.

There is sports, fashion, music.

Anything is possible.

As the pioneer in this category,

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