Kabam is Thinking About an IPO: CEO Chou

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Chou, CEO & co-founder at Kabam, talks with Guy Johnson about the growth of the gamemaker’s online business due to mobile phones and why the company is thinking of going public. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

The company success is the ceo kevinchu.


This is about the relationship of the customer, is an?

It really is.

Today it is more poignant than ever for companies to think about the consumer experience and create something that is truly delightful for that consumer.

That is really work of them comes in -- that is really wherekabam comes in.

Where's your business now in its lifecycle?

A company is been around for little more than four years.

We're going to do $300 million in revenue, that is up 70% from last year.

We are profitable in 2012 and we have been profitable every single quarter.

Is been a really exciting business and we have run the business because of platforms like apple's ios system as well as google's android system.

900 million apple devices across the world.

One more question about the company.

People keep telling me out of silicon valley and various places that the window of opportunity for tech companies is open right now.

A british company cain which is wildly rumored to go ipo in a multibillion-dollar market capitalization.

In asia there are six companies that are mobile gaming companies that are multibillion-dollar capitalizations eared the overall online gaming is a 16 billion dollar market already.

It is the fastest-growing sector in entertainment.

It is driven by these devices that people have in their pockets and these new computer devices that people are carrying with them.

These are fantastic aiming systems that can play high- quality console quality like graphics and not surprisingly one of the most engaging things on these platforms are doing is playing games.

Just to stop you from it, are you thinking about an ipo?

We are.

Was the timeline?

Howdy think about is a process?

We see what happened with facebook and we are watching twitter.

How are you conceiving this in the process?

We look at the overall markets and how we see them to gaming specifically.

Some gaming ipos are out there but there really hasn't been a mobile gaming company that is gone public yet.

That is why we are all looking at the potential ipo for keen.

We're looking for some great investors and we want to do it on a timeline that is right forkabam.


64-bit, how quickly does an ecosystem built around it?

Talk about it cunningly -- about a cutting-edge technology.

It really delivers a processing power that is better than the current generation of xbox's and playstation's and nintendo's. it creates a really great parlor platform for companies like kaba m to create quality games.

However, that is only a small part of the market.

When iphone 5 registering to ship now.

If we are designing games right now that are coming to market, we have to design for the overall hundreds of millions of handsets that are already in consumers hands.

Next year it will play a much bigger role in the market that it is this year.

Is a room for three ecosystems?

Was the feature of -- what is the future of windows?

They're making a big focus on the next xbox is coming to market.

And this is a part of that xbox system thomas a microsoft is building a really good ecosystem.

Kabam doesn't quite support microsoft's windows yet, but we are actively looking at it.

Is been great talking with

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