Juxtapoz: The Bible of Underground Art

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Evan Pricco, editor-in-chief of Juxtapoz Magazine, discusses how the magazine was founded and some of its star artists with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

The magazine juxtapoz is called the bible of underground art.

From banksy to icons such as the beastie boys, it captures artists in psychedelic art and pop serial is a man streeter.

I am joined by the editor-in-chief evan pricco.

So how do you describe juxtapoz magazine to people that may not be familiar with graffiti art and pop surrealism?

If you go back to 1994, the magazine would have been inspired by psychedelic poster art, underground comics, the burgeoning tattoo scene, graffiti, street art, all these scenes that were colliding.

For all my colleagues in san francisco, comics or something that we bred.

The art world tends to be insular and a little elitist.

The founders started a magazine that was creating an alternative narrative and here we are two decades later.

Quick circulation for the magazine, pretty good, right?

Rex i would say -- our website does amazing as well.

If you are two decades old your circulation has to do be doing pretty well.

Our subscriber base has always been pretty strong.

Talk about shepard fairey and his obama poster.

Before the obama poster, he is famous for his "obey" campaign.

The obama made him an international star.

It helped the creative class combined to help elect a president.

It was a major deal.

He is one of the pillars of our community.

Give you another artist.

Maryk ryden.

A pop serial painter who opened the show in los angeles.

He represents the more painterly fine art side of our community.

Someone whose studio practice is well known.

He has become world-famous as well.

Ron english.

Ron is -- the representation everything juxtapoz magazine does.

He is a little bit of the community at large.

He is a typical member of the scene.

And collectors.

One of the many people who klutz this kind of art.

He is well documented as a collector of this art.

I have seen -- the show opens on

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