Just How Good Are Twitter’s User Numbers?

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Lerer Ventures Managing Director Ben Lerer and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss Twitter’s earnings and user numbers on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Line on twitter.

Great news.

They really crushed it.

Lifted everybody miss?

They all thought it would be terrible?

The turnaround in the business has been, you can see it last quarter and you can really see it this quarter.

When you look at a company like twitter, what do you take away from that?

I was surprised about the user numbers, that it is going so well.

I use the people i've spent time with as a barometer for if a company is doing well or not.

I knew it was doing well, so we were very early partners of many of facebook's at products.

We have a good sense of what is working.

In the last few months, we have been seeing success with twitter.

We have seen efficiency and we are able to actually grow the amount we are spending.

We are seeing efficient spending with their ad lat form.

Are you spending more per at?

One of the numbers that jumped out of -- jumped out at me was the growth and value per user.

You can look at the value timeline.

All of them suggest cpm's are going up.


Cpm's may or may not go up but the effectiveness is going up.

Six months ago, we were not able to spend on twitter and we saw no efficiently -- no efficiency there.

Better than some of our facebook campaigns.

We are really seeing it working.

What do you see changing?

I do not know, except their ad products are physically getting better, the tech is getting better behind it.

Targeting capabilities are getting better.

Is the contextual nature, are they putting your ads in front of people who actually give a share?

[laughter] at the end of the day, they are converting guys interacting in the twitter stream into interactor is in our products.

There is a good match there.

We are finding our guys on twitter.

We have always been able to do this on facebook and through search.

I am not surprised the numbers are good.

The user side is shocking.

I just think the twitter experience is not good.

It is not that great.

You're on twitter.

I do not use it much good i use it to tweet that i coming on bloomberg this morning and then i do not check it.

What do you like, what are you engaged with?

I am using facebook more than anything else.

The changes they made over last year around making content and publisher something that will show up in your feed and have a tweak that algorithm, that has made me use facebook much more.

I find i get rate content being shared through my network.

And of course instagram, which every 12-40-year-old is on all day long.

I am the opposite.

You do not have an instagram.

I do, but i'm not on it often.

Am i behind the times on instagram?

I do not get it.

It is wonderful and i love it.

I also like snapchat i use it constantly.

I use it instead of text messaging.

I use it with my friends and actually, with a new company that is just launching, where you can send gifts among friends, i have been using that constantly.

My father and i have stopped communicating in any way other than -- or.

You talk about reaching your guy.

Who is your guy and how do you engage in social media?

Our guy broadly is a 21-34-year-old guy generally living in the u.s. in a major market or the sub of a major market.

They are interested in many of the same things i think most guys are interested in.

Generally speaking, having fun and living a good life.

We cover food, drink, and technology.

All the things guys care about.

They with me.

Corey, thank you so much for dropping in.

We will be back and he does menace.

-- two minutes.


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