Judge Rules Against NCAA in O’Bannon Case

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) –- ESPN Analyst Andrew Brandt, SportsImpacts’ Director and Founder Pat Rishe and Bloomebrg’s Scott Soshnick discuss the NCAA’s appeal a federal court ruling that allows student athletes to seek a share of $800 million in annual broadcast revenue. They speak on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

. the ncaa says is going to appeal at least part of this ruling.

What happens to division one basketball and football?

And what happens to the players question mark but i don't think armageddon is upon us.

I don't know if it's going to create more imbalance that we already.

That's going to give them the voting ability the full cost of attendance.

The o'bannon ruling is going to provide the opportunity for student athletes to cash in on their names, likeness and image.

The last one is the kessler case.

I don't know what the outcome will be but you've got eckstein billion dollars of media rights revenue and it's hard to keep the athletes away from some of that money.

What is the worst-case scenario for the ncaa?

You could argue it did not get as bad as it could have been.

Some would say the ncaa got more out of this than the players.

So it's not armageddon.

Here is the deal -- the ncaa has these rules and these rules apply to college football and basketball and they apply to field hockey, wrestling and volleyball.

They should not apply to all.

The step taken last week seems to be moving toward what o'bannon is trying to rule on, which is more athletes with leverage in the top sports where they will get for your scholarships.

None of this year stuff we have had in the past.

Cost of attendance, not just books and tuition.

Disability insurance, not just worrying about if you are going to get hurt going into the pros a year from now.

We see a continued imbalance where the ncaa will be two parts -- it's going to be the power conferences in college football, college basketball continuing this arms race.

Higher paid coaches and better players, and the rest of college athletics where we can say they are student athletes playing field hockey.

The worry is if there is not a bottomless pit of funds, the funding is going to go toward college football and basketball and they -- that may be the nonrevenue sports.

Do you see this as a conflict with title ix?

Women certainly do not have the marketing opportunities manhattan marquee sports.

They may say what about me?

I put in as much time and effort , where is my piece of the pie?

Title ix is obviously going to be an impact here.

You already have the white elephant in the room with football players.

There's obviously no football with women.

A bigger casualty is going to be men's sports will stop -- men's sports.

If you -- if you have worries about revenue, it's going to come from nonrevenue men's sports.

I think it's great o'bannon set the stage for less inequality, for players that are as the northwestern unionization talked about, told what classes to take, when to take them.

But we focus on the ncaa so much we think it's men's football and men's basketball.

But the ncaa is 50 sports.

I just want to point that out.

That is an important point to make.

And he just outlined a vision in which where this ends is full compensation for tuition and maybe some other compensation for the use of likeness is and imagery, but i'm a skeptic.

Is that really where it's going to end?

We have the lead attorney for at o'bannon here talking about opening a box will stop i raised the question as to whether it is a pandora's box.

I'm deeply skeptical that it is going to end with a neatly circumscribed circle around these division i's and athletes all stop going back to andrew's point, because there are so many other sports in college athletics, i don't think you are going to see the eating wars for men's soccer, men's, women's golf as you see in others.

We are talking about football and basketball.

With respect to the boxes you mentioned, the one box i see is a positive is if the kessler case opens the door, they are receiving money that's not coming from the university and it weighs the universities having to spend money.

The top layers are the only players that are going to win that money.

I worry rich alum could dirty the waters and try to play a bigger role in giving kids money under the table, even more than they do now.

Let's -- people like you and pickens donate money to build feels -- terry bowden will a with $9 million to build a hockey arena.

That means colleges have more influences on athletes in a negative way?

I think it would be difficult because the school presidents for a long time advocated some of the responsibility to that higher education mission.

Lots of power has been granted to these coaches.

Look no further than ohio state.

There were -- there was a real truth to the comment that the stature of the coaches had become so great that they were more powerful than leaders of the educational institutions.

Same with duke.

The firepower is now swinging back to the president will stop they have ammunition and they can say you are under fire.

It's time to wrestle control back and rein in control.

How much will change if jeff kessler wins his case and the student athletes are effectively given the power to negotiate as if they were employees?

That will put this decision on steroids.

That will be a turbocharged for this decision in terms of adding wars, in terms of paying for players.

The o'bannon decision did not allow pay for play.

That's not what we are talking about.

In fact, she said i don't believe they can get endorsements.

If the kessler case moves forward, you can get that.

But i think two things need to be pointed out.

Nowhere in this discussion in the past half have we mentioned the value of the scholarship will stop that does have value.

Let's not call that a zero value.

That is $50,000, $200,000 over four years.

It has value in the context you make later in life.

That needs to be noted here would we talk about players.

Thank you very much.

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