#Fail: JPMorgan Twitter Hashtag Invite Backlash

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan was mocked and taunted by Twitter users after asking followers to send questions to an executive using the hashtag #AskJPM. Tom Keene speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Your presence on jpmorgan and the twitter debacle we just read about.

How much of a sale is this for jpmorgan?

It is an item, but i think a fascinating example of social media.

I came up with the phrase.

I am really good about saying i stole this from here or stole this from their.

Last summer i started talking about the twitter vigilantes.

That is what this is.

Forget about cyprus and how twitter changed policy response around the collapse of the island in the eastern mediterranean -- we all know that.

Another lovely night in new york city.

The holiday season starting.

You wonder who failed at jpmorgan.

I would like to suggest older, dumber people are the ones that failed.

I will not pin this on a 24- year-old kid.

They know better.

I think kids are dramatically more sophisticated.

I do not think there is an age issue.

I think people are still trying to figure out, what do they really put out there on social media?

On facebook, you have seen so many mistakes made.

People being fired.

I read about a woman that had posted a picture on facebook that was a teacher and immediately fired because what she thought was an innocent picture.

I do not know if it is a young or old thing but people are trying to figure this out.

Even a bank sophisticated as jpmorgan will make a mistake.

I am not convinced that we will see in active use of twitter or social media to put out corporate announcements.

I am just not there yet in terms of competing against traditional news forms.

We have bloomberg take pride in our headlines.

We do make mistakes and put out corrections.

I would suggest it is deadly serious to be accurate.

We are nowhere near understanding it.

No, we are not.

Make on maltz only a few weeks ago finally created their first ever position as a new digital chief, the dining motif.

There he is.

Another testament to how powerful twitter is and how careful corporations like mcdonald's want to be.

I would suggest the strategy is not only best practices but figuring out the worst practices.

Does jamie dimon tweet?

Coming up onno.

I will snapchat him.

His daughter posted up picture of him.

I know you have a big following.

I promised our staff i would

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