JPMorgan's Pledge to Veterans Is a Start: Bowers

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase's Todd Bowers discusses JPMorgan's $20 million pledge to veterans with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thanks for having me, mark.

This is personal for you.

You were honorably discharged.

What was it like for you when you came home?

What was the support like?

I came home multiple times over every workforce, and what i saw was an adjustment, but one thing that stuck out was that everyone was there to support, but there was no coordination.

That is why we are proud of our mission, where we put together companies who are focused on hiring veterans, share best practices, and today we have made that commitment and have blown it out of the water and have gotten 117,000 so far.

Was there a moment or an episode that led you to say, i have got to do this, i have to be a part of it, i have to look out for my fellow vets, and i have to make this my life's work?

When fighting, the individual to my left or right, they were my life line.

I was focused on taking care of them because they were focused on taking care of me, and what we realized is that that translates well into the corporate framework, a sense of teamwork to accomplish a single mission.

It has been able to identify that veterans are a fantastic asset.

Tell us about the side of the budget -- size of the budget.

$20 million.

What does that say about the size of the problem?

Does this nation do a enough for its veterans question the as i said, there is a lot out there, but it was not well quarter needed, so jpmorgan signing onto this pledge, that 20 million dollars, while it is fantastic, it is a drop in the bucket when you look at the overall issues that the servicemembers and their families are facing when they come back, and we need to make sure we stay focused on these issues in the years to come.

We want to make sure we continue to invest in this community.

As you mentioned, the transition to civilian life is not easy.

The daily structure of military life is gone.

The concerns of finding a job, taking care of your family.

They are always present.

There is posttraumatic stress, and then there are the issues of learning to live your life after the loss of a limb or more.

How does it help them make these adjustments?

It comes in many ways.

We have got national programs that support veterans.

Those who have been wounded, as you mentioned, and those who have not been wounded.

The transition is difficult on either side, but also we go into the communities.

Helping those who need help finding employment.

Just because you live in a big city does not necessarily mean you have access to those things.

You may not know they are there.

Also, in a rural network, you may not know.

There is a program that we have come together with these other organizations to say, let's work together.

Let's find out on a local level and a national level that the folks are getting the benefits they deserve, have earned, and more importantly, in a timely fashion.

Who else has answered the call, and what kind of momentum is it giving in corporate offices around the nation?

We are hoping this is a start and that it will grow.

The maier squibb corporation is one.

They are a partner in the jobs mission, as well.

We have all of these different groups who have a priority focus around veterans, but they want to make sure we are doing it right.

There are a lot of different tools when you get out of the military, and it can be incredibly overwhelming, so we want to make sure we are filling the gaps when they needed, and it really comes down to good timing.

We have a little less than one minute, but i have to ask, what has been the reaction of the families and the vets?


They see that jpmorgan is focused on them, and when i joined the military, i enlisted, but my family got drafted, so we are very proud we are combining spouses and caregivers.

It is an encompassing program to make sure we have every aspect of support.

The military and veterans affairs relationship manager at

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