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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Dominic Chu reports on JPMorgan earnings and initial market reaction. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It was an earnings beat for jpmorgan as well.

The headline number -- $1.60, including a debt valuation adjustment -- an accounting item, where if the debt of jpmorgan falls in value, they can lock in a gain.

It beat analyst estimates for $1.45. managed net revenues -- 29 point -- tony $6.9 billion, beating the -- 29 -- $26.9 billion, beating the estimates.

On the corporate and investing side of things, revenue came in at $9.9 billion.

That is down from the last quarter, but up from the same time last year.

Things are getting better.

Investment banking fees are up slightly over the last quarter.

Fixed income 30 -- currencies and commodities equity trading revenue, slightly lower this quarter than last quarter.

Jamie dimon did make some prepared comments.

He said he sees softer loan growth through the course of the industry but he sees signs of gradual improvement in the economy.

Again, jpmorgan's numbers beat, and the stock is not reacting too much.

Is marginally higher.

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