Jos. A. Bank Yet Another Strategic Deal: Sonenshine

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Marshall Sonensine, chairman at Sonenshine Partners, discusses the Jos. A. Bank deal for Eddie Bauer and the regulatory push against Comcast’s purchase of Time Warner Cable on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Joseph a bank at eddie bauer is really hard for me to add to what you said because eddie foul has been long a tarnished brand.

Joseph a bank itself is a discount brand with a good ups -- upscale image.

What i do think is interesting about this particular deal.

This is small relative to what we are looking out -- looking at.

This is yet another strategic deal.

You know my schtick -- m&a is strategic and not financial.

It is valentine's day.

We need some math.

Let's go to the screen here.

I lost it.

Oh, my word.

There it is.

Let's go here to brian roberts.

This is department of justice.

Small start up operation in washington.

They have a saying, -- they have an index which is at&t and t-mobile's most best worst nightmare.

Constantine, bring on the valentines map for marshall sonenshine.

This is a big deal.

This is something every cfa learnds, marshall sonenshine teaches it.

This is brian roberts's worst nightmare.

Keven ruse nailed it in new york magazine.

This is more consolidation in at&t and t-mobile according to him.

I am not sure if it is true.

With all due respect, i want to take the other side for a moment.

First, i want to be clear, you don't learn about herdfendahl at brown but you learn about law school -- judge stephen breyer, my professor.

It is long been a staple of antitrust analysis and it is in a portal but not the only tool.

In this particular situation, comcast has already agreed to divest 3 million -- getting out in front.


Secondly, comcast which has experimented a little bit in some smaller markets with the idea of holding back some services on the speed of transmission which is what net neutrality is all about, comcast knows it will cut a deal with the fcc which lost a round in federal court in washington over net neutrality.

Federal court in washington said we don't need net neutrality but, guess what, the fcc i think will cut a deal with comcast saying we will protect this.

Brian roberts, most important employee this morning as melissa maxfield the chief lobbyist in washington, they had a conference call yesterday.

What is their number one task against ed markey, chuck schumer and all of the others pushing back against this transaction?

Sell the deal by positioning it as not bad but actually good for consumers.

Why is it good for consumers?

First of all, i don't think her friend all matters that much of the market place like this where cable companies do not compete in markets, they have their own monopolies.

Got it.

They were pretty powerful and they have been close to 30% before.

That is not what this is about.

This is really about how is content being distributed with reference to not just cable but also satellite and other modes of transmission including, by the way, the web.

Fascinating, diverse push back.

Would have to get into this a little later on but we do want to bring you headlines and company news.

When a charter communication left in the dust with the tidy up -- tie up.

And john malone, a mr.

Libby global.

The cable company reported fourth-quarter sales below analyst estimates.

Sales increased 71% thanks to a

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