Jos. A. Bank to Buy Eddie Bauer: Smart Move?

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Strategic Resource Group Retail Analyst Burt Flickinger discusses the pros and cons of the Jos. A. Bank and Eddie Bauer deal on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

And why do they need to train wreck known as eddie bauer?

The reason, joseph a bank going back to ray bank and his father, is in the best private label brand.

Eddie bauer has brands.

It is a train wreck.

Doing a little bit better since the financial crisis but you need to companies to increase growth.

Also, joseph a bank only has several hundred stores in the u.s. with eddie bauer.

You get more real estate, negotiating power.

Real estate and combining private label with brands.

I kind of think of you at chinos -- in chinos.

I usually wear jeans on the weekend.

What about the notion, joseph a bank back in a sober made a bid for men's wearhouse admin what -- men's wearhouse made bid for joseph a bank.

Is this just of a bank saying we will buy eddie bauer so we will make ourselves unattractive to you, men's wearhouse, because we are changing our ammo?

You are completely correct.

This is the private label poison pill because the best thing for investors and shoppers is men's wearhouse buying joseph a bank.

Just, men's wearhouse, go away.

You think they maliciously did this so men's wearhouse daschle is at "house of cards?" frank underwood.

Joseph a bank, i think of the great deals on the suits, by tenant by 17. know, scarlet, walk in the store and get two free.

You see stores discounted by 20, 30, 40, 50% -- did he get them anywhere?

It did not get them anywhere in the cost of cotton and rayon and all the other fabrics going up, so joseph a bank will have higher costs, more margin pressure.

To scarlet's point in women's fashion, they are still clearing out the winter stuff now.

To me, the system -- in your many decades, is 2014 a critical year?

Is it a transition year for retail?

2014 is a transition year and it will be a retail recession in the lower and mid tier, jcpenney's, sears, eddie bauer's of the world but it will still be good on luxury.

For most the retail, walmart is negative the entire year and many others as well.

The cfo out the door i jcpenney.

A big deal?

Not a big deal because jcpenney still having receivables factored.

Many are worried jcpenney will not make next valentine's day.



Jcpenney may not make it four-year.

You know who will make it the next valentine's day?

Frank underwood.

Season three "house of cards." season two actually began about four hours ago.

I clicked on it and i said, you know what, if i start this i would not be able to make it to "surveillance." for netflix, the stock has gone up 160% since house of cards debuted and the subscriber numbers have risen as well.

Netflix said in the same breath as hbo, the company netflix wants to be like.

A lot of analysts said as long as netflix continued to develop this original programming, this is the future for the company, and it has a good in with both

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