Why Should Jos. A. Bank Buy Eddie Bauer?

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, which told Men’s Wearhouse it won’t enter buyout talks, has been looking at other acquisitions including retailer Eddie Bauer, people familiar with the matter said. New Jersey Devils CEO Scott O'Neil speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Little perspective on this, they have telegraphed that they're looking at a potentially extraordinary -- class not a surprise.

These two companies have been locked in a fight over which will be the acquire.

In a bid to protect itself, the smaller company is trying to get bigger.

They had signals to buy other retailers.

Class it does not make any sense.

It is not surprising, but it is a bit of a head scratch or.

The shareholders in both stocks see a lot of synergies between men's wearhouse.

Why go after eddie bauer?

It will be a major source of questions.

One thing he has going for it is its ceo is an experienced turnaround guy.

He was at north base columbia.

This guy knows how to turn companies and make them cooler and more acceptable.

To your point, eminence capital, and activist hedge fund you probably know.

They are really upset these two companies -- do they have a view on this eddie bauer?

They want to see joe's a bank except the deal from men's wearhouse.

They just want to see a deal -- they have litigation right now against the bank and it could get ugly.

Aside from your frequent shoppers card, do you want to wear it -- way in?

-- weigh in?

Class i do not like the merger -- i do not like the merger.

The bauer thing makes no sense to me at all.

It is a defensive move.

Everybody knows it.

The next thing we have to look for is men's wearhouse has artie gotten hostile.

It has already said, we are being aggressive and we are willing to raise it again.

The question becomes, what we do during annual meetings?

$66 a share, 14 sues for free.

It is a defensive move.

You raise a great question.

That is why the ceo here is the only real feather in your cap.

They are looking into the brooks brothers a little bit.

Maybe they will switch to brooks brothers later.

For men's wearhouse, it will decide how aggressive it will be . it will wait until the last minute.

It has already said it is willing to raise its offer for the bank.

At what point do you feel like we are in the final stretch and you show shareholders how much they're willing to pay.

Another strategy, which is, we have told the shareholders which word members we want to elect on the board.

It changes the board dynamics here.

May be the bank, the smartest people in the room.

If they got the price up, maybe we all follow suit.

There it is.

Cai thank you so much for the latest.

Christina alessi, when we

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