John Legere’s Antics With AT&T: Helpful or Harmful?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) –- SK Ventures Managing Partner and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s price war with wireless carriers with Cory Johnson and Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Far to redmond, washington.

What you think about his answer to my question about whether he has been approached?

I honestly snorted whenever i heard that.

I mean, i guess.

It is possible.

Microsoft is probably working on sabbatical he -- working out sabbatical he and they've reached the else -- working out sabbatical he -- alphabetically and they have reached the 'l's. there would be a fit for my sample but it would not be supplied -- k and j come before l. i don't know about that argument, but what you think of john legere's antics combined with what he has been actually doing it t-mobile?

There's a long, proud tradition of this kind of sex pistols punk rock marketing.

Even if you don't play the instrument well, pay attention.

This is kind of what he is doing.

He is made his point.

By me or i'm going to be a nuisance.

Free up spectrum if you want competition.

Those are the pitches to the two constituencies that matter, regulators and the competitors.

It is defective and he its customers because he drops prices.

As is he just making noise are we saying the company start to turn around?

In terms of subscribers, use as they got more than warming subscribers last year.

You say it is not that important.

-- 4 million subscribers last year.

You say it is not that important.

Raw number of quarterly revenue for subscribers and total subscribers has ticked up over the last six quarters.

He talked during the interview about at&t's supposition about 65% at the margins.

For t-mobile, they have gone down to about 19% last quarter.

His guys are spending a lot of money to get customers to build a network.

They are taking the competition in a way that is cost and profit.

He definitely spoke much more positively about the possibility with a merger with sprint that i ever heard him speak before.

The regulators sort of seem to want for bringing competitors out there.

-- four competitors out there.

If sprint were to go with t-mobile, could that be a more attractive option?

I think that is what he wants.

The other pitch which is, all i need is more roof -- room to be competitive, it is a noise.

It is a stock cap proposition.

The reality is he is trying to a team like customers and use that to drive some sort of -- value and use that to drive a transaction.

Things can be moved.

I kind of agree with you.

I think when he says he wants war room, that is exactly what he gets.

By getting this hundred megahertz spectrum, they will be able to add a lot more subscribers and they have the capacity.

He is got that room.

They will have a lot of room to run with over the course of the year and i think will make a big difference in the term of t-mobile.

Bikes what he second, paul.

-- 20 seconds, paul.

I think it is the latter.

We will be watching.

Paul kedrosky in san diego.

Cori, thank you.

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