Joan Rivers: Return to `Tonight Show' Was Emotional

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Joan Rivers, a stand-up comedian, writer and outrageous television personality best known for hurling cutting barbs at fellow celebrities as well as herself, has died. She was 81. Here she and daughter Melissa Rivers speak on Bloomberg's "Taking Stock" about Joan's return to "The Tonight Show" after being banned for decades. They speak with Bill Cohan and Carol Massar. (Original airdate March 24) (Source: Bloomberg)

The "tonight show" with jimmy fallon?

That must have been a seminal moment.

I'm going on again in the saddam position on thursday.

It was great.

They invited me back.

How did that happen?

Did the producers call you?

I was banned from the tonight show forever.

Jimmy was doing the late show.

I think he said it was stupid.

Bring her back.

She is the "tonight show" in a sense.

I'm the only permanent guest host.

They never had one after me.

Leno never took a night off.

It was moving when they called me.

I left a sandwich 28 years ago.

[laughter] that shows you have a clean.

[laughter] it was still there.

It was very emotional.

Some of the crew is still there.

I went in as nothing and came out a star.

It was a huge thing.

What was it like to watch her mom?

You know some of what she had to do being banished from the "tonight show." it is interesting because people talk about it like it was this big thing.

It is not like we sat around all the time saying she had been banned from the "tonight show." it was never part of our daily lexicon.

But it was more exciting she was going to be on the first night of fallon when he took over.

Suddenly he realized this was seminal.

It was almost a backlash.

We did not think about it much in advance.

It was no master plan.

It just worked.

Then you realized the emotion and how amazing it was.

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