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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bobby Valentine, former MLB manager and player, and Leo Hindery, managing partner at Intermedia Partners, examine how the Yankees can prepare for life without captain Derek Jeter after this season on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Derek jeter?

Derek jeter has been one of the best products.

You mentioned apple coming out with a new iphone.

Derek jeter has basically been the iphone product for the yankees.

He has never disappointed.

Anyone who has invested time and energy in derek jeter has had a great experience.

He will definitely be missed.

That is exactly right, which is why losing him will be such a blow.

What do the yankees do?

Bobby valentine am a one of my heroes as well.

Derek jeter is the most graceful player of this generation.

He is respectful of the fans, respectful of teammates.

He has never been in the news for adverse behavior.

I think this young man is such a role model.

He is a gifted player, and bobby valentine knows that better than i do by far the mud but a graceful man.

It will leave the sport with good taste in everyone's mouth.

I do not know if you ever replace that kind of player.

You may find someone with a wonderful skill.

Or they have lined up younger players?

I know they have the pitcher, but do they need younger?

He will be a fine player, i am pretty convinced.

I wish every team had a derek cheater as the tentpole for young people to get reengaged with the game.

Watching derek jeter play baseball, watching derek jeter the a gentleman in society is good for baseball.

They may replace its field skills.

A long time before they replace his gracefulness.

Exactly right.

He has been consistent and excellent.

That is something you do not replace.

I young player will not come in and step into the shoes and replace it.

The yankees will live on.

I think derek jeter well live on in a new world and new life.

Exhibiting the same qualities that have made him great of baseball.

All i hear right now is how great of a player derek jeter is and was and how much he means to the yankees.

If you are managing the yankees right now, how do you manage the transition?

Lack it has taken an entire year to manage this.

The yankees will have to redefine themselves.

There it jeter is the last of four guys who came up together.

A basically defined the teams.

Defined it to the fan base and opposition.

Now it is up to the yankees.

To reinvent themselves and put a new product for the fans to be proud of.

How much do you think jeter was a part of the valuation?

He will cost the media value because he is so watchable.

We know when he has been hurt in the past the path -- in the past year, we know that ratings go down.

I think there is a short answer to this.

Sharing a lot of the same values derek jeter portrays.

What's bobby is talking about is he came from the system and has been a yankee the entirety career -- the entire career.

Those days need to come back to baseball where you reengage with the team because you have seen the player from the earliest days until retirement.

A sport tilt purely on trade hospital later in the player's career are harder on the fans.

The same in basketball.

It is harder to engage in professional baseball and basketball when the players turn over with great rapidity.

Would you agree with that?

I agree totally.

It is very difficult to not only find players and develop them, but to keep them.

20 years ago, it when he is replacing someone, will not remember who he replaces.

Let's see how this works out.

Things always have a way of working out.

Seems like it is always worked out by pinging keys anyway.

Thank you for joining us.

Bobby valentine, former manager of the new york mets.

Great to see you.

Always fun to have you.

Leo hindery, the ceo of

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