JetBlue Won't `Gouge Traveling Public': CEO Barger

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Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Dave Barger, chief executive officer of JetBlue Airways, talks about the addition of first-class services to some of the airline's cross-country routes. Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

If you are a jetblue fan and you fly across the country, guess what?

They are finally adding wifi later this year and creating a new first class section on flights from jfk to los angeles.

This innovation is the next chapter of jetblue.

We are taking a look at significant, lucrative routes, like new york to los angeles and san francisco.

There are customers who have been telling us -- hey, love of flying you but not on long-haul flights because you do not have a further upgrade experience with wifi, so we are solving both.

Is it only those routes, or others?

Only those ones with dedicated aircraft.

But we are really excited about this.

The corps experience, that will certainly get us into the experience.

It takes care a large number of customers on the aircraft.

So many are asking for more after the first year of service.

We will see what kind of demands we get.

Our message is that there are -- there is room for three models in the airline industry and we never chose to be discount.

There are some out there that is bare bones, nickel and dime, that is a different model.

We never shows that path from day one.

By the way, the legacy guys, all products of bankruptcy and mergers, we are not targeting that have either.

The sweet spot we are in, we can do a better and at a lower cost point, we believe.

There is room for three models in the airline industry.

How are you going to do it at a lower cost?

Starting with the number one costly in terms of fuel burned, we have the youngest fleet of any of the carriers here.

Once you take a look at how you utilize the aircraft and resources on the ground, as well as the ability to deliver the product, again, at across structure -- here is the key, and this cost point and this product, we are not talking about the ones today, not talking about those.

Those carriers that operate that product, you are talking close to $4,000. the corporate customer, there are plenty going after that customer.

Our model has always been about the smaller business owner.

Someone saving up for that trip of the year, that price point, the fair fares, we will not be judging the public.

These two rounds are the most lucrative routes in the world.

This one fits into that product.

Customers tell us that they love flying down.

But why buy the aircraft -- wifi on the aircraft without -- no wifi for six hours?

That will make sure that people stay, with wifi.

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