JD Sports Due for Price Pop: Kelly

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May 22 (Bloomberg) –- IG Group Market Strategist Brenda Kelly discusses the stocks she’s watching with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Let's start with sports as the world cup is not far away.

I think ultimately it has had good momentum behind it.

It is down about 8.5%. and i do feel that as we get a little bit of world cup fever behind us, we can be it -- see a bit of a pop there.

Investing in and acquiring the stake in leeds.

What is more attractive than a guy all kidding doubt?

Resealable bit more buying in those stores.

There is no answer to that but i do hear that they have been training to try to mimic the humidity conditions they will have to play in brazil.

This could be good for sports companies.

Have numbers out earlier today.

Think we might need a few drinks to wash it down with.

Dated a help to offset the problems here in europe.

209 from 200 to last year.

Nevertheless, i think it'd trade something like a premium and they are experiencing some headwinds and not really any real changes this year.

If i have to choose between the two companies, i will pick the ipo.

But they are still subject to those speculations that could very well support the price from here.

You quite like some of the price movements we have seen?

There've been pretty decent.

Which came off of what we saw in the last quarter.

And it didn't really include that from easter.

The stock price has been punished a little bit too severely.

We also see sterling clamber a little bit higher on that particular effects.

And we are expecting sales in 2015 around seven to 10% higher.

And i do feel that that does provide a certain amount of bid action for the technical buyers.

Thank you for joining us from

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