Jazmine Fenlator: Bobsledding Is Blue Collar Sport

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Olympic hopeful Jazmine Fenlator discusses her training regimen, the money behind bobsledding and her dreams of Olympic gold. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Wishes to todd mckinnon, the chief executive of okta.

My next guest will be representing the u.s. women's bobsled team in the 2013-2014 world cup circuit with hopes of qualifying for the sochi games in russia.

Thus far, jasmines and later is on the right track.

-- jasmine finlader is on the right track.

I asked her about her training.

You eat, get your nutrition in, you have at least one sprint workout, or some type of sprint workout.

It could be two to three hours.

You have a listing session and then you might get a break.

Then you go to the garage and i have to be my own pit crew.

I have to wash it, wax it, talk to the mechanic about how my new sled is operating.

Do i need to move the seat or the steering gecko that can take a couple of hours.

And i need to eat and maybe get some treatment done to make sure my body is as healthy as possible.

And then you still need some visualization time for my pilot position.

I visualize the track in my drive lines and i also visualize not being perfect, so i know how to get back to being the best while i'm driving.

Likes hurtling down the mountain a mile in length, 80 miles an hour -- hurtling down the mountain a mile in length, 80 miles an hour.

Is it comfortable?

I would not say comfortable.

It is not like i'm sitting in a nice new cadillac.

To me, i describe it as a controlled car crash.

It is definitely not a roller coaster ride.

But you get to the bottom and i got maybe 10 seconds and i'm already at 70 miles per hour, and i don't have brakes.

I continue to accelerate the whole trip down, up to a mile.

For me, having that speed and acceleration as a pilot, i'm manipulating gravity and physics in order to be as fast to the bottom as possible.

How much does this bobsled way --weigh?

About 400 pounds.

Does anyone else depend on you for their lives?

Yes, i'm the pilot of a two- man bobsled.

There is a break man.

I am responsible for them.

Accelerating and pushing off the track and then hopping in and cheering me on and having confidence in me that i can bring us down to the bottom fast and safe.

Fast and safe.

It was not always fast and safe, though.

It took a lot of training to get here and it also takes a lot of money.


And it is not as if bobsled in his at the top of everybody's commercial list.

No, bobsledding is definitely a unique sport.

We do it as athletes because we love it.

We are not a sport like the nfl or the nba deck at a salary and those huge sponsorship endorsements.

We do it because we love the sport.

For me, it is a blue-collar sport.

It represents raw america, that stay-at-home mom who has a has been serving overseas, or the single parent that has jobs.

That is what bobsled is.

I'm my own mechanic.

I coordinate the materials for my sled.

I'm very fortunate to have a partnership with liberty mutual, who also is a sponsor of all of team usa for the uss see -- the ussc to help athletes like myself to get that funding so we have a platform for our dream.

You also have a serious amount of training that you put in.

You miss things givings.

And also because of your training, you have missed events in your family's life.

You recall hurricane irene.

How did that affect you and what did that tell you about your desire to win?

I lost my home.

Our home was pretty much watered out.

And i was training in late lasted to hopefully -- lake lasted to hopefully qualify for our team.

My mom was living out of her car for days.

We had no electricity.

My sister was staying at a friends house.

My mom stayed at a hotel for weeks.

I was trying to send her money while raising money for your season, but knowing your family

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