Jay-Z, Samsung Partnership Irks Fans

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on the partnership between Samsung and Jay-Z that has rankled some of his fans. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Blazer, johnn, that's all jv- samsung thing brings up this idea of privacy, were i can imagine as all these media and technology titans talk about business, that has become front and center.

Sara, you are right.

This is a big deal.

It is hard to say if it is a bigger deal for media or technology companies, but here is the story.

We know all the big technology companies have been very defensive over the last few weeks.

We were just talking about edwards snowden.

We were talking to eric schmidt, who is holding court with reporters yesterday, addressing some of the privacy issues and the fact that this is a company that is not want to get too much in the way, but how can they not when they're using such powerful technology?

It is a big deal.


I would imagine that they are talking a lot about and set of piracy, privacy and what the industry is going to look like going forward.

Any sense of whether this new model can sustain itself, can be done right?

The thing is that in a lot of ways, what they like to champion here is new ideas.

The idea of album apps is a really interesting one, especially if you are an artist who is getting tired of only selling singles.

Tom keene, i am sure, have a wonderful record collection.

Those full album purchase was s these days.

I was talking to read hastings of facebook last night.

They have the most powerful data that helped them decide what they should be targeting to each person.

That makes for a better service.

You have to be forthcoming about what access you are gaining to each customer.

Jon erlichman, within that, the theme out of sun valley has got to be we are drowning in choice, drowning in contents, drowning in a digital data.

What is the back story there about where we are going to be in two years or five years?

Look, i think they all know that they don't know the answer to that.

That is why they are always trying different things.

You get a company like twitter, which last year was talking about the continued rise of success, castello, bragging about the power of vine now.

You never know what six months later the new tool people will be using.

That is why they are always trying to think about -- how do we position ourselves on issues like privacy when we try to figure with the next big thing will be?

I'm so stuck on the idea that samsung wanted permission to modify or delete content of your usb storage, prevent your phone from sleeping, retrieve your precise gps location, and a full network communication status, these are really detailed items that they want from you.

Are the tech companies already using all this data, or are they saving it for a rainy day, building innovation to really access this?

I mean, obviously there is a lot they do not tell us about what they are doing with that data.

Sometimes you cannot even tell on the surface what they can be doing with that it appeared that data is valuable.

Jay-z does not generally take to twitter, felt that he needed to defend himself to a certain degree.

You even wonder about how much he knew was going to be taking place with this app itself.

This goes back to the fact that if you tell everybody what you are likely going to do up front, sometimes that keeps everybody from getting frustrated after the fact.

We have been checking in with you, and we have been talking about deals and the potential deal ruling -- deal brewing behind you.

Hulu, what is the update on that?

It is tough to say , most of the interested buyers keep telling us to talk to the sellers, and the seller safe leave us alone.

Remember, a couple of years ago , hulu was on the block, and sellers decided not to sell.

I think this goes at bakley -- exactly back to what we were talking about.

There is a need to understand what that business is worth, and whether or not they decide they're going to sell really depends on if they think it is the best move for them going forward.

It is a complicated one because it involves so many companies, but obviously directv is very hungry on that business.

Time warner cable is interested in owning a slice of it too.

Looking forward to another good day of coverage from you, on erlichman, our senior west

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