Jawbone Introduces New Activity Tracker

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Jawbone Founder and CEO Hosain Rahman discusses the company's new product with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Excited about the new product.

This is something that only a geek like me would care about.

Wearable technology and the fitness trend seems to be blowing up.

Is it?


This is last year's model.

And they also have won the my daughter made, which has no functionality, but she made it.

This is essentially a pedometer.

It is more than that.

It tracks all aspects of your movement, your sleep, so we can tell you how long it took you to fall asleep, light versus deep sleep, what time it took you to follow asleep and how deeply you sleep.

And the way this cleverly got synced up with my information was that i take the cap off and plug it into my iphone and it would sync up.

The new one is different?

It has a different mechanism.

It is wireless, so you don't need to lug it into sync it up.

Although a lot of users love plugging it in and seeing their data.

It is about real-time versus not real-time.

A lot of people want to look at their data once or twice a day, measure their sleep, see how they did for the whole day.

This product is a lot more about real-time interaction.

It is not just wireless for the synced up, but for reducing the gap of information and being able to take action on it.

The wireless can shrink that whole chain, if you will.

You can understand your data and take action immediately.

We are providing you -- i will give you an example.

Let's say, you are within 10% of your goal.

I can tell you at 6:00 or at 8:00 to get walking for a little bit more, so you will actually go hit it.

The some people will like that interactivity.

It can help you manage your goals accordingly.

I started logging my food again, using your app.

I really found great results from that.

It is a little bit of an anal- retentive thing to do, and a little bit of a pain, but i find i get these great results personally from keeping detailed track of that.

I wonder how much i'm in line with trends.

People are getting comfortable with his knowledge of knowing more and more about themselves.

Understanding their different patterns and how that correlates together.

I think that is the separation from our system to anything else.

All detailed aspects of your sleep, your movement, even how long you are sitting, standing, how long you sit or stand, your day-to-day movements.

I know that between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. right after lunch, i have very little movement, the classic office pattern movement.

It will tell me to get up and move during those time frames so i can manage myself.

How big a business is this?

It is big.

That is not definitive.

Give me some sense.

We are millions of years behind on orders.

How big is this market?

I don't think anyone really knows how big this opportunity is.

I think we have hit this fundamental core with people in that everything a person after we met when we got in this business wants to be better, i don't care if you are a high- performance athlete like lebron james, or you are a housewife who wants to give back -- get back to your pre-kid weight, or anything like that.

I'm back to my pre-kid weight and i feel great.

You look rate.

-- great.

But it is a fundamental truth that no matter where people are in life, it doesn't matter, everybody wants to be better.

I think that is what this is about.

It starts with knowing yourself and then taking action.

That is why i'm so excited about 24. we really hit that on the head.

We said, we will give you this data and we will help you take action on it immediately with this gentle coaching, caring kind of way.

Talk to me about the trade- offs you make.

I love this thing, i told you that.

I've also told you that i had problems with it and i've had to return a couple of them.

They have broken down.

The first one, it you had to creek -- the first one you had to completely recall.


You have to have some way of making this bulletproof, but then it might be too expensive.

How do you make those decisions?

First, i'm sorry it had issues and i think we have been very proactive in taking care of those customers.

And when i call your customer service, they don't know who i am and they have been able to fix it.

And the good news is, as you look at the data, the vast majority of users have had a great experience and we are

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