Japanese Bank Earnings Under Pressure

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May 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mia Saini reports on what we can expect from Japan’s three biggest banks when they report earnings later in the week. She speaks to Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Overseas factors.

Little changed.

Yes, it does not do much.

Perhaps something that will move numbers are the bank earnings in japan.

This is something we are following closely.

If you held onto any japanese stock last year, you did well, and if you are holding onto any of them this year, it will be tough.

We are looking at the megabanks, so, that means some of the top lenders for japan, and you have ufj, and others, 24 billion dollars, a 12% increase compared to the previous period, and that would also be the most since 2006, so you're expected to see a dip in all of that.

, and this is for the fiscal period ending 2015, so this is to give you a sense of how bad it will get from here.

If you he she its off.

See me to limit suing is expecting to see their income fall into the next year, and -- sumitomo mitsui is expecting to see their income fall.

There are very few deregulating reforms that are being shot from abe, and there is not much fresh stimulus, and all of this is creating more of a view that these banks have to operate under, and you're looking at a year to date chart of the top megabanks, so to speak, along with the overall nikkei.

Yes, banks down 20%, 24%, and sumitomo mitsui, the party we saw last year, that is gone.

The party is over.

Yes, a lot of people relied on the yield game when you look at how these things work.

So many of these things.

They have had to switch up their strategy and have had to look abroad, so outside of japan and in asia pacific, even in the united states, we understand, according to people familiar with the matter, that mitsubishi is looking to acquire the corporate trust arm of bony, which is the bank of new york,

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