Japan Under Pressure at Climate Talks

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alex Morales reports on the U.N. climate talks being held in Warsaw, Poland. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The leaders gathered they're trying to achieve?

What everyone is working towards is an agreement that would bind all nations to limit their carbon emissions in 2020. this is an interim step on the way to that.

Negotiators are working on a timetable that would take them through to 2015. there is also a separate track of talks that is working out how to increase the ambition between now and 2020. the yuan -- u.n. says standards now simply aren't enough.

They have a gigaton gap.

A gigaton is one billion tons.

Commissions now are at 50 billion tons.

That will rise to 59 billion tons by 2020. even with the most ambushes pledges -- ambitious pledges, they come down to 52 by 2020. they need to be at 44. you look at the story in europe.

What is the story here?

What is the broad message going out?

Japan on friday water down its emissions commitment.

Australia also introduced legislation to repeal its carbon pricing which was the centerpiece of its commitment to reducing emissions.

Developing countries are saying, we are trying to close this ambition gap and we have big developed countries cutting down on their admissions.

That is one big point of friction.

Another is an issue called loss and damage.

The developing world says, you haven't cut emissions fast enough.

That is the mitigation side.

You have and give us enough finance to adapt.

The philippines, the typhoon brought a spotlight on that issue.

That is a big cause of friction now because you have the developing world calling for compensation for these things.

Loss and damage, that is of course the united nations climate change in warsaw.

Alex, thanks so much.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is up next.

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