Japan’s Solar Imports Up 9 Times

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Travis Woodward reports on solar energy and the rise in Japan’s solar imports. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is docked in paris after finishing a three-month climate change voyage.

Since leaving miami in june, university of geneva scientist at sale the north atlantic on the planet solar taking water and air measurements.

The boat's deck is covered in nearly 530 square meters of panels.

The chief climatologist thinks they have reached the limits of solar power sailing.

One of the upper limits, 100 ton boat around the world.

I don't think will will be able to make huge container ships with solar energy.

It is one way of showing how far we can go with solar energy.

Stay with solar.

Talk about japan.

The solar market is now the largest in the world.

For more on how this boom, i am joined by travis, analyst and the new energy finance team.

Give me a sense of the scale.

We are forecasting somewhere between 6-9 big lots -- big lots for the year.

-- gigawatts for the year.

What does that look like football field was?

Generally, about one hectare of plants per megawatt.

Then, about a nuclear plant is somewhere between one and two gigawatts.

You never quite understand.

It is interesting that japan is picked up so much.

Give us a history of how this happened.

You bring up nuclear.


There was the earthquake in 2011. the government had been thinking about having these incentives.

The earthquake and the aftereffect of the nuclear situation really accelerated that discussion.

They instituted this from july last year.

Has what europe has been doing had any impact?

Japan does not have any sort of anti-dumping -- the japanese domestic market is primarily set by japanese manufacturers.

There is shipment data today.

Japanese manufacturers are still around 70% of the japanese market.

In 2009, it was close to 100%. one of the highlights in of the movies.

-- the move east.

Our other countries moving to asia?

Thailand is bringing in a lot of solar.

China is bringing in a lot.

I to an extent.

-- india to an extent.

Primarily, japan and china are the drivers.

We spent a lot of time talking about europe.

It is interesting to see what is happening in asia.

Thank you very much.

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