Japan Revised GDP Rose 6.7% on Year

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June 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s John Dawson reports on Japan’s latest GDP figure which beat estimates and what’s driving the numbers. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Japanese economy show that the year began with a lot more strain than initially thought.

You broke it two minutes ago.

6.7%. the final reading was 5.4%. it is significantly higher.

For the first quarter, they are up.

Forecast for business ending was up.

That is driving it as well.

In april, the tax rise came in.

Many people are looking to that tax rise.

Big-ticket items like a car, a refrigerator.

The second quarter is more painful.

Let's go the good news.

There is positive news in japan.

.7% is significantly higher.

You see it there.

Graphically, there it is.

It is pretty strong.

It is 102. it was the high point today.

We are seeing it again is the

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