Janet Yellen to Set Fed Agenda

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Olivia Sterns and Adam Johnson look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of existing cash flow as opposed to borrowing?

They are pretty close to breakeven.

Pre-k's tomorrow morning-- tomorrow morning, small business optimism.

The reason i mention this, two thirds of the job creation in this country they come out and say are we optimistic, and if so, will we higher jobs?

This is a dovetail between the blue-chip world and the small business spirit.

This comes down to nominal gdp.

We are starting to see an improvement.

Yes, where was one of the surprises?

A positive surprise.


Pent-up demand for housing.

Neuhaus whole formations coming back.

Housing starts are coming back.

Little decline in rates will help mortgage -- will help mortgage rates going into the spring.

Look or housing place going into the next few months.

Howdy reconciled the dichotomy between the gdp picking up a hiring getting softer?

I do not think hiring is getting softer.

The adp survey shows 100 75,000 new jobs.

Even the establishment survey was 140 2000 when you average out government losses.

I think we will get back on track and payroll will look at her and the economy will look better, and the concerns that people had about the hiccup will go away.

You see the stark contrast between howard ward's and bill gross friday after the jobs report.

Janet yellen, her testimony you will see and hear that on bloomberg television worldwide tomorrow morning at 10:00 eastern time.

Old-growth does not share your optimism come a plain and simple . what he stated that was so stark on the comments friday was the idea of distortion and financial repression out a decade.

Do you agree with mr.

Gross that janet yellen's number one task is the financial repression, distortion not five years but even 10 years?

It is all a matter of degree.

I do not agree with the thrust of the argument.

If you go back to 1947 through the end of last year, do you know what the trendline gdp growth was in this country?

3.2%. do you know where we are right now for expectations into this year?

Very close to that.

The economy is accelerating.

I think -- in other words, this is the best of time, rates are low and growth is accelerating and cstocks are cheap?

We are in a sweet spot and temporary concerns about the economy will dissipate.

Global gdp forecast, imf publishes 3.7%.

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