James Murdoch's Predictions About the Future of TV

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on James Murdoch's predictions about the future of television. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

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There is no doubt that james murdoch is one the smartest thinkers out there when it comes to the whole conversation tied to the future of television.

He knows 21st century fox, the international operations where he spent a lot of time.

He is spending a lot of time with the fox broadcasting network and the cable channels like fx.

As people tried to figure out and people are watching tv anyways, what does that mean?

There is a could -- a discussion around cable consolidation because they can help players remained more relevant.

That is why people are always to provide dish getting together.

You can see some the content players doing more deals just to beef up the value of their brand.

If you're a company that holds some cable companies are not as powerful as some the big players, what you going to do?

It's logical thinking of somebody like james murdoch to say some pieces are going to have to move.

Meantime, we know fox has been busy with the launch of fox sports.

How does that fit in with their strategy and thinking?

When fox sports one of launched the headline story was, fox versus espn which is important story.

It's kind of misses what fox is actually doing which is taking some of their brands which exist today and make them more powerful.

It was taken the speed channel and turning it into something that would have more widespread appeal.

The kind of appeal like channels like fx or a fox news.

If we are moving towards a® la

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